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    psycodelic, anyone?( dont care if i spelt it wrong...)

    i really like the mars volta. Most people dont like The Mars Volta, cause they think the music is annoying...but anyone that does, dey cool:thumbup:
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    System Of A Down!!!

    alright, in my opinion, i think System Of A Down is the best band in the world. there my favorite and i listen to them 24/7. i want to know wat you guys think... one of the best/favorite band so-so band sucks fat black hairy gonads and strife( god help you)
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    Prison System

    who thinks the prison system of the U.S. is effed up?
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    KH2 Character songs!

    lol, She's Like Heroin by System Of A Down for Kair! haha no really, Going In Blind- P.O.D. for Sora for Riku the Ghost Of You- My Chemical Romance there could be better ones in hiphop, but i dont listen to hiphop...so i wouldnt know.
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    Have u ever bougth somehting KH2 related besides the game???

    i have the original soundtrack. its funny because the crab in atlantica sings in japanese. and they use a boy for ursula's voice. i SOOOOO WANT THE ORG. OUTFIT AND SORA JEWLERY!!!Q! but they are so expensive!!!
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    sora's additional keychains?

    do you think it would be cool if in kh3, every time sora defeated someone he could attach part of there weapon to his keyblade. like the bond of flames. or like when he beat xigbar, he could take one of his guns and it would modify his keyblade so he would have like a dart shooting attack. or...
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    sora's heartless

    i dont know if this has already been posted but ow come sora's heartless was so weak. it was like one of the really small heartless. how come donald was the same too? do they have weak hearts, or what? i wonder if goofy is the same...
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    kari in kh3

    we still havent figured out where kairi came from. i think they should reveal it in kh3. wat do yu guys think.srry if this was already posted.
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    do you guys remember right after ansem the wise died, riku changed back to himdelf? well when that swarm of regular heartless attack, malificent and pete showed up and she said,'' when they are all destroyed, this castle shall be mine''! do you think she gets the castle in kh3?
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    keyblade beares?

    if anyone remebers: right before you battle xigbar, he says,'' roxas, you are the lucky keyblade bearer. but man did they pick a dud THIS TIME. ALL THE OTHER ONES WERE WAY BEETER THAN YOU.'' the things that are capitilized are important. what did xigbar mean by the other ones. is he talking...
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    dusk playing ring around the rosie?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roAcpvOu1Fs this is really wierd. the dusk like is spinning in circles. i tried to hit it but i couldnt. tell me what you think.
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    if you watch the orchestra version of ''passion'' in every single world sora has the kingdom key. not any other ones. i wonder why?
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    roxas shops at k-mart?

    did anyone see when they show roxas's room for the first time, there is a k-mart box? i didnt know a nonexisting town has a k-mart.
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    ghost train

    did anyone notice in the very beggining, after they show roxas having his first dream, when they introdce twlilight town with the 2 T's ad then the rest of the words in the backround they showed the ghost train riding on the tracks? wierd huh?
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    passion utada's song?

    was ''passion'' already made by utada and on an album.? or was it made especially and just for kh2?
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    sunset horizons( spoiler for kh2 secret ending)!!!

    my friends cousin works for square-enix and he told me that his cousin told him that in the kh2 secret ending, the setting takes place in the ruins of the world that never was castle thingy-place. like someone destroyed it and that was what was left and why xeahnort came back or something.
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    whos hair would you want?

    if there was one person from kh, kh:com, or kh2 that you could have there hair, who would it be. i dont need to choose cause i look exactly like riku in kh2. i even dyed my hair light, light purple. sorry, but i am a riku fan!!
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    how do you set up a poll. like figuring out how many peole did this at what level, or something in that nature:)
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    Passion or Sanctuary

    dude i posted this like ten min. ago. did yu se it, its like right in front ofyou???
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    kh2 album

    yeah mines the japanese version. lol. for the song'' ursulas revenge'' they use aguy for her. lol.a japanese crap singing under the sea. LOL!!!:p