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    Roxas' comment during the Battle

    I'm sorry, but I don't quite understand what you mean.
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    Roxas' comment during the Battle

    Obviously he was referring to Sora.
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    Axel in Final Mix secret video?

    His eyes looked more like xemnas...
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    KH2 Final Mix+ on PS3?

    The PS3 is backwards compatible I thought so most likely you can play it on there.
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    What Battles Do You Want In FM+

    Nomura confirmed that you would be fighting all Organization XIII members in KH2FM and as well as fighting Roxas as Sora.
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    the damaged armored person

    I'm talking about the armored guy in one of the pics for KH2FM. His helmet is partly broken to where you can see part of his face. Since Nomura said that none of the characters in the teaser at the ending of Kingdom hearts 2 is sora, could it be that its sora's relative? His son!
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    Hardest/most annoying Obligatory boss fight in k2?

    id have to say hmm.... NONR OF THEM!:thumbsup:
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    Sea Salt Ice Cream

    It's Nomura's favorite type of icecream and he put it in the game to give it a little humor.
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    last few synthesis items help

    I need a lucid shard and an energy shard to complete the collection. Please tell me where to specifically find it (what worlds, and what monsters, and where in the world, which section of the world). Thanks in advance!
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    Favorite Reaction Commands

    Rising Sun and Trinity Limit. Also Session with Riku.
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    are u saying Yen Sid is evil?
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    Lmfao Halloween Town Lol!

    do u play nba basketball?
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    King MIckeys letter! (x2)

    dogs run faster than a lot of humans.
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    How do I beat Sephorith?

    use a lot of trinity limits and that will knock off like 2 bars off of Sephiroth, then heal when needed with potions or cure, and keep hitting him and dodging his super powerful attacks.
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    Scary Movie 4

    Anyone excited for Scary Movie 4 like I am? It's gonna be super funny.
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    You just joined last year though. What good "old" days are those? When the game had a lot of things confirmed and hardly anything for speculation?
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    square-enix would actually show her death if she really did die.
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    Malificent can kill any heartless if they disobey her.
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    it makes no sense

    It would be funny if we saw Sora's heartless in KH3 and it wanted to take over the world and you had to defeat Sora's heartless as a final boss.
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    Maybe they were normal people, then they became a heartless (that created a nobody too), then they went back to their normal selves (getting rid of their heartless forms in turn). Kinda like how Sora did it.