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    im really bored, but i think this is cool...

    eh, i know. i just needed something to do, didn't really think bout spam could someone find a mod for me? cuz my parents are forcin me off the comp right now
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    im really bored, but i think this is cool...

    yea i kno. HOPEFULLY EVERYONE has seen this stuff at least once! *eyes noobs* but since these are stills, you get a betta look @ em, and in the forth pic you see mickey in da corner...................................im so pathetic lol
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    im really bored, but i think this is cool...

    look at the 4th pic in this image collection, down in the right hand corner, u see mickey :D c how bored i am? if thas been seen, im sry http://img238.imageshack.us/my.php?image=khcollection7qk.jpg
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    E3 2005 trailer clip

    o.O it is?? *goes to check* no it isnt, not the one i found and no its not, its a 25 sec. clip of Sora in the Mulan and Underworld worlds anywho, the offer is still up for grabs..............
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    E3 2005 trailer clip

    aiight, i din kno if it was old or not, cuz if i remember, theres one trailer that hasn't been released yet, that is the E3 2005 trailer aint it?
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    E3 2005 trailer clip

    i hav just discovered on my limewire a clip of what im pretty sure is from the E3 2005 trailer....that is the trailer we havn't seen yet right? well, im not sure but its all new stuff to me, and its very high quality...if someone can tell me how to get a file from my WMP for you all to see, i...
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    Pre-orders at Amazon! KH2!

    evry1 who deals w/ video games has been pre-selling the game
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    new kh gba game

    i think the game is fine just how it is
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    http://www.khinsider.com/news2/headlines/126645113.shtml doesnt he hav a pic here?
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    New KH2 scan out there somewhere

    do you mean this? http://www.khinsider.com/news2/headlines/126645113.shtml
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    hardest DISNEY boss

    In both games, I had a hard time w/ Capt. Hook, in Kh1 i had a hard time w/ Dragon Maleficent tho, and in CoM....i geuss still Capt. Hook
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    could it be?...

    Valor Form is when he is in Red, when he fuses w/ Goofy, and Wisdom form is blue, when he fuses w/ donald....and HOW THE HELL COULD YOU NOT KNOW ABOUT THAT?!?!?!? there have been news articles talkin bout them since...almost forever!
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    the only world i've heard rumored was Lion King, but Stitch would be fantastic! But not as a summon, personally i hate summons. I kept gettin killed when i tried usin Simba on Opposite Aurmor, and Bambi was just a waste of time...i hope we get sumthin like Tinker Bell again tho if summons come bak
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    i think...

    it could be, but usually when some one says "he LOOKS just like you" it usually refers to physical appearence. In my opinion; Sora has a longer face, but they have a similar hair style and eyes, but thats pretty much it...and bodily figure 2 i geuss, but the face is the most similar i think
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    How do you think Axel will use Riku Replica in KH2?

    Okay, first of all Fuzzy, calm down. We all know he was killed. Problem is, he wasn't stabbed by Sora; RIku killed him in RR
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    How COme?

    i thought the DD world was Twilight town...?
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    organization elements

    So...wait, where did they come from? i've never seen them....:confused:
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    a demo of kh 2?(this should be a spoiler)

    DUde, ease up, the guys from Indonesia. He might still be learning how to write. Give him a break. and if you people can't understand him, just try reading a lil slower and pieceing it together and yes, kh_forever, there is said to be a trailer or demo, but dont expect it anytime soon. Okay?
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    Its Kingdom Hearts 2 in a special type of Japanese alphabet called Katakana to be literal, its pronounced; keen gu dam mu haa tsu 2 katakana is usually used to turn english or other languages into a form that the japanese can read
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    Anyone else realize this?

    no thas not where it cae from; like sorixed said, his name means sky, and riku; land. they can never meet, and the human characters are rivals so...thas just imagination of nomura