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    What about the battle with Terra in Final Mix?
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    H.U.N-Unbirth Theory

    Heartless ARE hearts Nobodies DO have bodies by they are not meant to exist. They have a body and soul An unbirth was the base of these two meaning they somehow evolved into heartless/nobodies.
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    A Meaning Behind "Unbirth"

    Namine still has her memories so she's not an unbirth but she has the power to strip memories off of people like she did with the Riku Replica. He couldn't turn into one because his heart is artificial! This makes so much sense! But how did the Unbirths disappear???
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    A Meaning Behind "Unbirth"

    Hmm... so in Com, Naminè could've turnes Sora into an Unbirth?
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    Why did Kairi forget Sora?

    Because Namine was toying with Sora's memories, affecting the others' too. All memories are linked because all hearts are linked.
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    thoughts on R/R in 358/2 days...

    I think we will play Roxas for the first half (I say half because Nomura said the story will still continue when Roxas merges with Sora) and then Riku the second. With Riku we learn more about Xion and her disappearence
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    THE kingdom hearts

    The name doesn't mean it has no heart. It's called a heartless because it corrupts the heart with darkness. Wait, wasn't the Kingdom Hearts Xemnas used artificial?
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    Hi, I'm new and this has been bothering me for awhile but can someone explain to me how Riku and King Mickey ended up in Kingdom Hearts in the end of the game. I thought you can only go there through the door to darkness.