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    *If You Are an Anti-Spoiler Gamer for Kh2 only!*

    I stopped visiting this board and everything related to KH2 because I don't want anything spoiled. Already have had a few things spoiled though. Thought I'd come back and see what was going on lately though in the forum.
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    Final Fantasy Worlds In KH2

    It'd be fantastic if you could tone down that 2MB, 2 page length sig of yours.
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    *Jack Sparrow Confirmed!*

    What's the big deal over PotC? It's a better movie than A Nightmare Before Christmas.
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    KH2 release period.

    What makes you think they haven't been working on that alongside the Japanese version?
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    KH2 release period.

    Got a link to this story please?
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    NEW website for KH2 released today by square enix

    Welcome to the site, do you know how to read?
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    Reviewing the facts

    I hated Nightmare Before Christmas, but it wasn't a bad world in the game.
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    Oficalail Kingdom Hearts 2 site

    Oficalail? Did you vomit that out?
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    I shall once again point out that DD has extreme significance for KH2, and anyone who doesn't think so is dim-witted. If you think they didn't integrate parts of DD into CoM, perhaps you should play the game again.
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    New Info on the Organization!

    September? Don't get your hopes too high. :p
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    how will kh2 begin?

    Yeah that actually sounds kinda cool. :D
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    Ive got it!!!

    Those are just BHK and his friends. They're all definitely going to play a part in the story though as signified by the colored orbs, but they're not Tidus/etc.
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    Ansem and Kairi... Overlooked fact.

    "I have chosen one special girl. I do not know if she possesses a power like that of the Princesses. But, there is a chance, and this is an experiment." There's something more there than just simply being a princess of heart. But we'll have to wait for KH2 to find out.
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    Ansem and Kairi... Overlooked fact.

    I'm certain that Kairi is not under Ansem's control. She definitely was used by him though, and she has already served her purpose (bringing him the keyblade master), so I don't think Ansem cares what happens to her, but there will probably be more to that story in KH2. There's nothing fake...
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    My Nerdy Japanes Teacher Knows Alot Bout Kh2 Continued

    I don't understand why people keep saying that KH2 wasn't even coined at the time that ASAS and DD were made. First of all, KH ends with somewhat of a cliffhanger. Kairi and Sora are still separated. The director of KH knew that there would (assuming the game did well) be a KH2. ASAS is...
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    New FF characters?

    What makes you think Cloud and Leon won't be in it? Cloud had quite an involved sidestory, so I don't think they'd just drop him like that.
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    New FF characters?

    Amano did the character designs for IX (and VI), while Nomura did them for KH, VII, VIII, and X. That's why there are not, and will not be, any characters from IX. Which is too bad since it's one of my favorites. And I'm guessing Rikku won't be there just because of the name confusion. ;)
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    when is KH2 coming to the USA

    Nobody knows the date yet.
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    KH decide the Winner o_O 2.0

    I post once in a great while. ;) The average age here is a big young for me though to get along too well.