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    BBS: Clues in Wardrobe

    the guy was probaly talkin about the head area the head area DOES look like riku a bit but the rest of the body...no its not riku lol plus this was when sora and Co. were like what? 4? riku was not that tall back then
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    Hostile Program.

    hmm are you playing on ps3? ok there was a bug with the game that made it only beatable on ps2 if you play on ps3 sometime in the middle of the battle it will stop losing damage if this is the case then switch to ps2 for that part
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    kh2 fm ending maze

    thats weird because you can see almost all of soras keyblade sint he video only without keychains
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    For those who do not have the final mixes

    *slaps after ACE* ignorant child ! why are you so lazy? if you REALLY wanted this game you would IMPORT it like the rest of us, its not that hard trust me wait a week thats it just go to ebay. its NOT hard ok? you probaly ANOTHER one of those arrogant people that ABSOULUTLY has to have the game...
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    who is the 14th member

    well ALOT of people already asumed its Aqua from the Birth By Sleep vid and MOST of us knwo for sure its not namine b/c nomura confirmed this and since the ppl have no other options they asume its Aqua...and i do too lol
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    Trinity Glitch?

    ok ... the more hits you get in with Break, Ultima and Major Combo , the longer the final part of the limit is
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    The Door On Destiny Islands

    it served its porpose as the worlds keyhole notice in a flash back in the game riku sees the kehole in KH riku opened it which allowed the heartless to invade thats what riku meant by " the door is open " when he was being sucked in by darkness
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    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    aww man after that when riuk was your party member i was like OMG ?! riku??? axel shoulda survived and became ur party member in the world that never was riku sucks as the party member
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    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    I KNOW ! after the first week of the game ALOT of critics said that was a HORRIBLE performance on her part she sounded soooooo reatrded
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    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    i also wondered about him i mean was he just a hologram?
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    if you look in the beggining of deepdive, when roxas is killing all those neoshadows no hearts apear at all not from one of them
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    what the hell? umm if neoshadows are emblems then where is the symbol? hmmmmm? THERE ISNT ONE and take them to mailficent? they dont " obey " any one they just use them to get to more hearts or to get that person that is " controling" them's heart
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    wow i JUST noticed that Shadows really dont release hearts... i checked on my KH1 profile and the pures oh KH1 also dont release hearts either...hmm ok...the pures are the ones made of the darkness in peoples hearts...so they dont have a heart b/c they are just the darkness...ok it makes sense...
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    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    dont be dissin riku in his blindfold lol i think he looks ALOT cooler in that raincoat and blindfold and...in KH2 another WTF for me was...why isnt rikus shirt zipped all the way? if u look closely u can see his belly button lol...i was like WTF? belly dancer much?
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    yea? but the darkballs form KH1 released hearts and they were a pureblood so were invicibles but they also released hearts same goes for shadows so why would neoshadows be an exception?
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    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    Mine was when sora finaly met with riku i was like...why is he crying for riku but not kairi? my friend was like hes probaly gay LOL nah i dont think hes gay but that was....weird...
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    hmmm well... all i remeber from the game that involves this is that DiZ told namine to bring sora and co. to the mansion so they they can renuite roxas and sora in peace because obviously the Org. Could go abck to castle oblivion and hurt sora in his sleep as for the pods with donald and goofy...
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    ok i just noticed something when i was playing the game today... ok i was killing neoshadows in the DarkCity area of The World That Never Was ok? i noticed that...neoshadows dont release hearts when they are defeated instead they kinda disapeer in a cloud of...some sort of dark liquid or smoke...
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    Sora's heartless weak?

    thats just HIM overpowered by darkness its not a heartless its still HIM but with no light in him at the time
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    KH2FM+ English Patch

    OMG ! if someone does make one i will praise them lol ive always wanted to play FM but im really lazy and wont buy the stuff needed for FM