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    I think the site should move from HTML to PHP. It'll be easier to post news and it might be nicer to see some "separate" pages for things like "Audio Downloads". And if you need help setting up some code let me know. I'll tell you how to edit pages and everything.
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    I think you should have an iPod formatted video download section, so that it's easy to find. :) I got two converted but a lot can't be converted from my computer due to wmv formats and I like them on my iPod video.
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    Are these the same?

    Kingdom Hearts 2 Footage -- FILEFRONT! (left click) Kingdom Hearts 2 Opening Video - (36 mb, avi format) -- FILEFRONT! (left click) Kingdom Hearts 2 Menu Trailer - (30 mb, avi format) -- FILEFRONT! (left click) First Kingdom Hearts 2 Cutscene - (47 mb, avi format) -- Roxas riding his skateboard...
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    I need help again.

    Thanks guys. I'll try in a bit...
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    I need help again.

    Hey, What's the easiest way to beat Riku after you find out that your not supposed to be Namine's "Protector"? I've only gotten through one armor bar. :( He's pretty hard at the end. Level 40 something. Jeremy
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    Best Place...

    Will a moderator PLEASE close this. I have found the card and moved on.
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    New Scan on DEEP DIVE WORLD!!

    Did anyone save the pictures for Deep Dive World.
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    Best Place...

    Map Cards I believe. Ones to create new rooms.
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    Best Place...

    OK... I'll got to traverse town just because I really don't want to level up until I get the card. Thanks for your help. *goes searching for the game*
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    Best Place...

    Would Traverse be the best place to try for a ONE level card?
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    Hi. I'm Jeremy (or Chase. Nickname over the net. Call me whichever one) and 13 from PA. I found this through a friend for pictures which I didn't find. I love registering at vBulletin boards (Proffessional Look and the easy features and things like that) and want my own, but come on, I'm 13...
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    Best Place...

    I've tried but I'll try again. I've beaten parts for people I haven't met yet... lol.
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    who got kh1 when it first came out

    I got KH awhile after it came out. I never looked at it until a friend made me play it. I loved it and borrowed it than bought it soon after.
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    3 secret keyblades!

    I still think this is some BS even after reading the first few pages. I won't try it even if a million people said it worked.
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    Best Place...

    What's the best place to get a Card with the value of 1? I forget what level I am (i'll check later) but I've leveled up a good bit. I need a card with the value of one... It's one of those =1 cards to get through the door. :(