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    Reverse Help

    You will automatically transform into Dark Riku once your Dark Guage has reached 30. You increase this by being attacked and Card Breaking. Every time you are damaged you will gain 1 point. When you perform a Card Break, it will increase by the difference of the cards. If you Card Break with a...
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    what would be the coolest drive form fusion in kh2

    Ones that are confirmed and shown = Valor form Any therotical fusion = Sora & Riku
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    I pronounce them like this. Namine' = na - muh - nay Marluxia = mar - loocks - zia Larxene = larks - zene Zexion = zex - e - on Vexen = vex - in Axel = axle Lexeaus = lex -e/za - us Demyx = de - mex/mix Xaldin = zal - din
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    Chain of Memories Trvia!

    Calm Bounty, Guarded Trove, False Bounty, Moment's Reprieve, Migling Worlds, Moogle Room. How much Experience does a Neoshadow drop?
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    I need some help... plz?

    Map Cards are completely random. Just keep fighting Heartless and you will eventually get one. If you have 99 Map Cards though, you won't recieve them after battles anymore. So if you do. go into the Start Menu, to Card, and go to Discard. Discard some and you will recieve them again. Just kepp...
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    Sora the Keyblade master?

    Riku was the original Keyblade Master, but at the time Riku was supposed to recieve it, he opened his hert to darkness, causing his heart to become waker than Sora's. This all lead to Sora recieving the Keyblade. Sora is now the keyblade Master.
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    wakka &selphie?????????

    The kid in Traverse Town wasn't Tidus. It was just an unimportant character. All their hearts were scattered and lost, untill the Destiny Islands was restored.
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    What Level??!!

    I beat Marluxia at Level 65 the first time. You could probably do it at level 50 and up.
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    effect of chain of memories?

    The point of the game was to hold the fans interest untill KH2 came out. Also Nomura stated that he had to give somer characters in KH2 larger roles because of their large roles in CoM. I don't CoM it was pointless. It could have been better, but it was still a very decent game.
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    a little bit confused

    1. Kingdom Hearts is the Door to Darkness. Sora didn't modify or change it. The reason light came out is to represent that there is light within the deepest darkness, but Kingdom Hearts is still the Door to Darkness. 2. Riku was the true Keyblade Master, but he surrendered his heart to...
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    You have to beat ansem once on Destiny Islands, once inside the Darkness Warped Destiny Islands, and twice in the World of Chaos. That's a total of 4 times. I have beaten him over 150-200 times.
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    Who would you like to duel with on destiny islands?

    Riku is my favorite person to duel on the Deastiny Islands.
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    Riku's weapon

    How did you not notice? I noticed on my first playthrough that Ansem uses a double Souleater staff in the last battle.
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    Different Princess

    I always beat the world's in order. I never knew that. That's a cool little thing.
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    Chain of Memories Trvia!

    Kingdom Key - 7 Kingdom Key - 6 Kingdom Key - 5 Kingdom Key - 5 Kingdom Key - 4 Kingdom Key - 3 Kingdom Key - 4 Kingdom Key - 3 Kingdom Key - 2 Kingdom Key - 2 Kingdom Key - 1 Kingdom Key - 0 Blizzard - 5 Potion - 6 Cure - 7 What's in the Key to Rewards room in Traverse Town?
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    Attack Cards

    You get that world's Attack Card from Treasure Spots, which are the objects in the world that you can touch to make cards, health, and Moogle Points fall out. Special world Attack Cards can be found in Calm Bounty, False Bounty, Guarded Trove, and Key to Rewards rooms.
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    what unknown iz Your favorite?

    Axel's my favorite Unknown. Not only is he cool, he's mysterious and is always one step ahead.
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    premium cards

    Premium Cards have a golden glimmer and cost much less CP, but can't be reloaded without special items. I don't use them since you start running out of cards really fast when you get a lot of them.
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    Link battle event

    Maybe your friend accidently started a new game instead of accessing the Link menu. That has never happened to me and I have done it at least 10 times.
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    riku in chain of memories

    Riku chose to keep his memories instead of lose them.