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  1. J

    Can someone tell me who is Xehanort is?

    Someone please tell me who Xehanort is!!!
  2. J

    SPOILERS- Riku?

    where can i see kh2 riku?
  3. J

    ***Spoiler-Very Real*** Unknown Sora's father!!

    OMG!!! Naw I'm kidding. U guys can flame me all u want!!! I can take it I just bought a keyblade from ebay its soo kool!!!
  4. J

    King Mickey-Yoda?

    I know its been mentioned but doesn't Mickey resemble Yoda. They both are short. U only see them fight when someone really strong needs to get their ass kicked. They are both vey powerful. What do u think?
  5. J

    Spoilers- about BHK's name

    Re: about the name Roxas Shut the hell up!
  6. J

    Spoilers- about BHK's name

    Re: about the name Roxas Ah man u are awwwaaaayyyy old. U need to get some education on your KH2.
  7. J

    Do u want a KeyBlade?

    If u could, would u weild a keybalde? What will it be called? 1 or 2? Give me your thoughts Thanks!
  8. J

    Ultimate KeyBlade Master

    Who would u rather see be the Ultimate Keyblade Master? I would love for Sora to be the ultimate keyblade master!! I just love Sora!!
  9. J

    Ultimate KeyBlade Master

    Sora Riku Roxas King Mickey
  10. J

    *theory*of KH2 cover

    U are soooooooo late man. Its already been discussed and proved that he is Riku. Please get some education on Kingdom Hearts. PLEASE!!
  11. J

    ***please Read***

    This is to blu ninjaz- U sound very uneducated about the game please don't post any thing else if its not going to make sense. PLEASE!!
  12. J

    Since I don't know what I'm talking about.....

    Since I supposedly don't know what I'm talking about then sombody tell me then. I know I am right but a lot of people have something to say. So u tell me whats going on. Tell me everything from who "BHK" is, where's Riku, who is DiZ, and whatever else u think u know. Because it's obvious that...
  13. J

    ***please Read***

    Hey I have been reading these current threads and they don't make any sense. Y they hell would "BHK" be Sora and Riku shell combined it doesn't make any sense. "BHK" is Sora shell and thats that. He's able to weild a keyblade because of the simple fact that Sora can weild one. I know a lot of...
  14. J

    The True Origin of "BHK"

    But thats after he became a heartless right? he becomes incomplete after he becomes a heartless. So when he battles the EM that ha salready passed.
  15. J

    The True Origin of "BHK"

    I never said he is a bad guy at all. Yall getting me mixed up. He is of light and darkness.
  16. J

    The True Origin of "BHK"

    Here is the true origin of "BHK" "BHK" is the result of Sora becoming a heartless. All the evidence is in Ansem Report 13 and it states: When the heart casts off the flesh, where does the body go? Heart and soul are separate, and the spirit remains in the body. But can we assume that the...
  17. J

    Is Sora going to be complete?

    There is a scene in the Kingdom Hearts 2 japanese promo trailer where Sora is back in his original clothing from KH1!! So does that mean Sora is going to become his complete self again? What do u think?
  18. J

    Y is Mickey's Keyblade GOLD

    Nobody up till this point has mentioned y Mickey's keyblade is all gold. Is it more powerful than Sora's? Is it special? Y Does Mickey have it? Sombody tell me something!!!