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    Fanfiction ► Nomenclature

    Right, then. I'm basically just copying and pasting a fanfic I wrote that can be found on my homepage. Credit for the story idea goes to Chiponyasu of the VGR forums and Lys Redwood for the "prisinte castle clean" line. ~*~ NOMENCLATURE Every Organization has its problems, Xemnas thought to...
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    A Deleted Scene Pic from KH2 (it happened, but this pic in the game wasn't shown)

    The 1000 Heartless couldn't have been easier if they just had it as a cutscene, so really, what's the point of having behemoths and Wyverns if you could just reaction command them dead in three seconds? (Wewt AF is back!)
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    Argg The Keyhole

    The treasure trove. Probably.
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    wern't most of the organization members dead

    Time for my mad Phonetics skillz! Or something. Axel: Ahx-ell Vexen: Vehx-en Larxene: Lahr-zeen Marluxia: Mahr-luhcks-ee-uh Lexaeus: Lehcks-A-uhs Zexion: Zehcks-ee-ohn Xaldin: Zahl-dihn Diz: Either Dihz or Dis. And even though she's not a member of the Organisation: Naminé's name is pronounced...
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    The stupidest thing they could do to KH2?

    The dumbest thing they could do is give us KH2 and have it be a totally blank disc.
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    KH CoM jokes!

    I didn't actually make these up.
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    False Theroies

    Jack? You just said everything that has been going around in my mind for the past... well, I lost track of time. Point is, you are correct. Thank you so very, very much.
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    Thought story

    I think it's a silly theory. And by silly, I mean ridiculous.
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    Favorite FF character name changes

    Because it's always fun to give FF characters nicknames instead of their default names. What are YOUR favorites? Here's my list: FF2: Guy/Gus: #16 FF7: Barret: Mr. T FF8: Squall: Squally (I wanted to see Seifer call him Squally) Rinoa: Idiot FF9: I changed "Dagger" to "Garnet," so it just...
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    light riku vs dark riku

    It refers to Riku when he wore the hula skirt and fought Sora in Hollow Bastion.
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    Light? Dark? Or Twilight?

    Light means that you tend to be whiny and the annoying hero. Dark means you're evil and mock the annoying heroes, but you'll get your butt kicked by said annoying heroes and all the cool villains will laugh at you and kick you out of their club. Twilight it is then.
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    reaction command menue?

    Not sure. I can probably figure it our via context if you give me a quote, though.
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    The Namine Topic 2.0

    First of all, there is no character named "maime." Second of all, you apparently have not read most of the posts here, because it has been said and proved time and time again that NAMINE IS NOT KAIRI'S SHADOW. SHE SAID THIS BECAUSE SHE REPLACED KAIRI IN SORA'S MEMORIES. OKAY?!
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    Favorite webomic

    Yeah, I'm sure the title is self explanitory. I personally like 8-Bit Theatre, RPG World, and usr/bin/w00t. Sadly, w00t never seems to be updated anymore. *Sigh* So what's your favorite webcomic?
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    "Certain Conclusions" for KH2

    Unless Square has enough nuclear weapons to hold off half of the world's raging fangirls, they won't do that.
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    plz read!the voices of tigger and piglet died!

    I dunno. But it's sad when people die. Especially Tigger. Tigger was awesome. *sniffle* But my mom met the guy who played Piglet on the train a few year back. He's a big jerk.
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    Chill the hell out. Maybe they'll be doing the same voices, but if their not, there's always some good impersonaters. I mean, Dan Castinella didn't do the genie in the original Aladdin movies (they were done by Robin Williams) but he did a great job in KH.
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    what would you do if they suddenly cancelled KH2

    Well, I'd be very angry and go by a katana and take some sword lessons. A few months later, SE headquarters would be on fire, and I would be holding them hostage, saying "COMPLETE KH2!!!" in Japanese as best I could. That, or I'd be very upset, but eventually get over it and return to my daily...
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    Ansem the main villain of KH2? yes or no

    I think that Ansem it gonna be the main villain again. I mean, they can't just scrap the guy after he made such a huge deal about Kingdom Hearts being OMG TEH LIIIGHT!!!!111!!1pie It would seem pretty silly. Plus, he was all "I will return!" at the end of reverse/rebirth. So he's coming back...
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    why do u think that pete is in kh2?

    I also agree it's because he's Mickey's rival. Maybe he's trying to screw over Mickey and thusly joins the bad guys.