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    Please help me!with the first battle with marluxia

    I just beat axel and now i have to go and fight marluxia...but where is he?? i don't know where to go.can someone please tell me where i can find him?
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    Who do you think would cuddle you more?

    Me too.Ichoose Sora all the way:) He is just so cute!!.
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    Pick 3 KH2 people you would marry.

    Sora-(Sora+Marrying me=My dream and road to eternal happiness) Riku-Silver bishonen0^^0 Leon-the silent and cool guy
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    Pronouncing Namine

    Na-mean.When I saw the E that had an accent I thought that her name is french.
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    I need some stuff

    Thank you urutapu-chan!I love the song!Thank you very much. Now this thread can be closed.Mods,do your job!
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    I need some stuff

    Please,can someone post the lyrics from the KH2?I really want the lyrics from the Little Mermaid songs.And I also want a mp3 with the final musical song(the one in wich Ariel's sisters apaear).The most important is the song.Thank you very much!
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    Sora square button

    THIS MIGHT BE A SPOILER........ You can use the square button to guard and it's also used at many abilities(sp?).When I went into the meniu for attacks there a lot that showed the [] button.And the triangle button is used to talk with people,open chests and reaction commands
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    KH2 Cutscenes

    Yes you can skip cut-scenes.This was the first thing that I hoped for it because the scene at HB with the Dark Riku ws veryyyy looong and I was going crazy.When there is a cutscene you press triangle and you can chose to skipit.
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    Secret ending in kh2

    Thatnk you for the advice Violent anger:)
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    Secret ending in kh2

    Yeah,I want to know how to get in the game.
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    Secret ending in kh2

    I heard that KH2 has a secret ending.What do you need to do so I can see it?(I'm almost at the end but I will play it again when the NA version comes out)
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    What animal is Peat?

    I never thought that Pete was a big fat cat.At first I thought that he was a dog but wen I got to the Timeless River level he looked more like a cat because he had whiskers and a long tail.
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    How Do I Defeat Mcp???

    After you defeat Sark he will become huge and you have to beat him first.After this go to the MCP and smash the walls surrounding it and then use the triangle button very fast(you need to have Tron in your party)I think that co-op move was ,,Repurogamu"
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    ? for people whov'e played KH2

    Yeah.I had for example Mulan and Goofy.When I was fighting the Heartless,Donald also leveld up.
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    Sephiroth's role in KH2?

    When I got to Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden I saw Cloud and then Sephirot apparead(SP?) and there was cutscene between them but I couldn't understand so much.And almost at the end of the game,I went back to HB/RD and I talked to Sephirot and a battle with him started.He is super=mega-ultra...
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    KH2 questions

    No.I don't think so
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    worlds in KH2 (spoilers, i guess)

    No,the don't have theyr on world(only Genie has)
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    Scan of Manga

    Is that Riku in the second picture?
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    Sora's masculinity

    That's only he co-op move ,,Recital"(I think it was Recital).In the game ,,The Nightmare Before Christams"Jack had a move like that.(BUt strange... I just finished Hollowen Town and I didn't make that move.
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    Change subtitles

    I want to know if there is a possibility to change subtitles in the game.I like to hear the characters in japanese but I don't understand so much japanse.For the people who are getting it,please tell me if this is a possibility.Harigatou!