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    do u guys think the rumors are true about kh2fm

    do u guys think the rumors are true about kh2fm coming to north america? i know that it might just be re com but u never know :] i know its kinda of old but yeah
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    realse date?

    i was just wondering when kh birth by sleep comes out in jappense how long do u think it will be for the english version to come out when the japeense version comes out. cause this is about the time of the year when i stop coming to this website cause or any kh website cause when the jap...
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    kh2 fm ending maze

    i thought this would be cool to do since i just thought of it so anyways im going to tell u to find a keyblade in the secret ending to kh 2 fm. and ur going to try and find it [its like "wheres waldo"] u need to tell me what time u find it at and kinda tell me what scene it is [ex:in the begin...
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    The Door On Destiny Islands

    i belive it will have an effect on kh3 cause if sora riku and kairi are going on another adventure then they cant leave cause the ways are blocked but if u open a door that road will open.....so i think sora or riku are going to open this door to travel to other worlds...but wat is inside the...
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    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    alantica no questions about sora come on wth singing are u kidding me....i wouldnt mind donald but sora no
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    how do u get that one room

    the one room where u can battle i think all the orginization members in kh2 fm???and whats the room called again
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    i dont get the cards

    i dont get it in re:chain of memories how the whole battle system works?? it dosent really make sense to me can someone explain
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    kh2 fm boss terra

    if you beat terra in kh2 fm can you battle him again. say if i beated him and then i came back like 2 hours later... just because i wanted to fight him again is that possible??? i just wanted to know before i get it cause i cant understand jappense so yeah i wouldnt be able to tell if i could...
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    kh2 fm boss terra

    if you beat terra in kh2 fm can you battle him again. say if i beated him and then i came back like 2 hours later... just because i wanted to fight him again is that possible???
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    that would be cool ifsomeone came up with a hack to get ENGLISH subtitles on kh2fm but i know it is impossible at least the command menu for god sake geese now i wonder if that is possible????
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    is the organization 13 good?

    marluxia and xemnas were the bad ones every one else was okay
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    is the organization 13 good?

    all the orginization want was a heart they didnt want to rule the world...i think.... but what were the orginzations plans after getting a heart???even though it dosent matter now.... besides them trying to kill sora or maybe they wanted to stop sora from stoping them for their plans or...
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    The next big game show

    does any one know the next game show that kingdom hearts will be in E3, tokyo game show, idk these things but kh insider has been quite lately and yeah i got a feeling there going to give us a lot of new information the next time they say anything about it.....
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    what has xemnas been doing and mickey

    what has xemans been doing BEFORE kingdom hearts 1 cause im pretty sure ansem was a heartless before kh1 but just how long 5 years ago or 10 years ago and mickey what has he been doing kingdom hearts 1 all we know is that he was at the end of kh1 locking kingdom hearts.....hmmm any thoughts
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    for all i know there is really no way to explain wats going on in birth by sleep and kingdom hearts 3 like the keyblade wars, how was the keyblade made who made the keyblades, why are there so many keyblades in the crossfield of the secret movie, [those were all bbs question and there are way...
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    Why Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ Won't Come To America

    heres a better question what voice actor did they use for the jappensee version? did they use the same one???
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    haha i wonder

    i wonder watever happen to maleificent and pete?? they problay exploded and die :] but seriously they didnt even show in the credits wat happen to them u know when they show in every world wats going on and yeah. so wat do u think happend
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    kh bbs opening thoughts

    i just thought about this about the opening for bbs.. 1 how do u think it will begin 2. is it going to be cgi [if u have crisis core and it has a cgi opening then they will problay going to have one for bbs] 3.will there be a song on it [utada hikaru? or something different] 4.how do u...
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    who are your favorite character so far

    who are your favorite character 1-6 mine are 1.Terra 2.Sora 3.Axel 4.Roxas 5.Riku 6.Master Xehanort
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    ansem [the fake one] isnt dead?

    for all we know all that happen was that ansem the wise gateresd hearts and got to many and the machine explode and riku just change back to his normal self but he didnt belong to the dark realm any more [said by mickey] that dosent mean ansem [the fake] is dead.cause in kh1 when he opened...