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    Yet another BHK theory (prepare for flamming)

    Sora might be like a star.... ....a star can send light to earth. Though, if the star burns out the creation of light that it made will stay there until it burns out. BHK can be there but only for a purpose. Meaning, that he will dissapear after his purpose is fulfilled
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    KH2 Guide Book?!

    do what Onite said more funner
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    riku and sora notice

    I'm not sure if anyone allready noticed this allready but u kno how Sora meant Sky?????? I found the meaning of Riku VV http://www5.big.or.jp/~otake/hey/kanji/fude50.htm
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    master mode

    theres a master mode???????I should have been here more often
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    Is Riku?

    because riku was possessed by darkness
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    Light orb

    are you for real????? simmaler door cool
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    Sora is actually two years older!

    man COM was basicly a dream.
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    KH2 review on tv

    For those who still watch kidsWB on saturday mornings there might be a review off KH2. After those cartoons there is a video game thing where they talk about games and they are currently talking about E3 which Kh2 is part of. They did'nt show it yet but they might and I'm not promising that they...
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    Sorry bout my last thread. Here's the real thing.

    Ruby Weapon could do hella good. Or what if you could fight a summon? Bahumut ZERO or Knights Of The Round!!!!
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    Another "X" factor

    X stands for 10! Roman numerals! I forgot how many orginization members there are but there might be 10 one day.
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    Sorry bout my last thread. Here's the real thing.

    Good point but what would be Vincents designs? You know like Cloud looks different from the FF7. KH Cloud looks hecka better.
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    Sorry bout my last thread. Here's the real thing.

    I got it now! There was a thread saying that Vincent will be in the game. Will you be able to fight Vincent. Or will that be too violent? GUNS
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    Sorry bout my last thread. Here's the real thing.

    I think its Rufus. But you did'nt put that on the poll.
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    New Organization member!!!

    What's his elemental power though? A purple guitar, is it a sound power?xD
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    what charactars will be your fav in kh2?

    I like Axel. He's like the main part of The Orginezation!!!!!
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    Regarding the new Mulan videos

    In his red clothes he can use two keyblades at once. Can he do that with Oblivian and Oathkeeper???????????????
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    How do ya beat Ansem's second form? Help!!!

    my advice is to keep rolling. works for me =D
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    wern't most of the organization members dead

    I don't think It's Xaldin. In the RPG well you can't see it now but they called him Xladin.
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    wern't most of the organization members dead

    That's only Castle Oblivian. Everything in there did'nt exist. It was all just memories.
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    I Previewed Kingdom Hearts 2!

    How does the drive meter work?