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    Super Smash Brothers Dojo

    Not a guarantee, but for those of you hoping Sora would be in SSBD: The list of musicians for the game include Yoko Shimomura, and she's credited with the Kingdom Hearts series in particular. So, either were going to just have music by Yoko for some other reason, or Sora (or other characters)...
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    Operating System Help

    I'm writing an OS for no real reason at all. I've been working on it for some time now and have taken a LONG (6 monthes) break because it's very hard. It can multitask, get input from the keyboard, print to the screen in text mode, and execute applications stored in memory. If anyone is willing...
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    Drive form possiblities

    The jointed keyblade model was concept. They knew people wanted to dual weild, but they didn't decide on exactly how sora would do that until later on, if you'll notice, that's Sora's normal clothes and the same keyblade model on both weapons, just recolored in a hurry to look more like...
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    Drive form possiblities

    When you say jointed keyblade, do you mean this?
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    Drive form possiblities

    That was my first thought on the words "new drive form". I just couldn't find the pic...
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    Riku Help

    Hi, I'm looking for help developing a cheat code. I wan't to create a code that lets you drive into riku, but my code so far has no effect at all. I know... sounds crazy. There are some weird things about Riku, for example, any world character can be controlled using cheatcodes to direct the...
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    Need help finding assasins.

    Read the thread "Antiform, for those not clear on it" I posted that and no one replied yet, but it explains why antiform seems to show up less after you get Final.
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    Anitform, for those not clear on it.

    Antiform, for those not clear on it. Reasoning ----------------------------------------------------- I was tierd of the misconception that antiform was triggered by getting hit a number of times in relation to driving. That's not true. You can't get hit while driving, there is a shockwave...
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    Glide Ability?

    There are 11 weak nobodies just outside yen sid's tower, thunder and magnega them about 3 to 4 times and they should die, then use the save point inside the tower. As you get a higher form guage try to go up the stairs too after yuo get done with the outside area.
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    Messed up Wikipedia

    Someone replaced the nouns in this article with random other nouns. Surprisingly, they stay consistent! Look under "The Beginning (Simon Belmont)" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kingdom_Hearts
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    Death of a nobody

    i don't usually make Threads or even respond to them, but I have been thinking about Something that bothers me. In ansem report 4: "the three elements that compose life...the heart, the Soul, And the body. when life loses the heart, what happens to the leftover Soul and body? when the soul...
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    If nobodies dont truely exist then why...

    An undying will, that was said in the game or the ansem reports... don't remember witch one.
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    Regarding Nobodies

    Well... their hearts did exist still right? Just not in the same place as them... Their hearts weren't heartless at that point.
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    Is Anti-Form realy rare?

    Just read the code yourself, it's very clear that hit points dont matter. It's the inverse of the experience points for that form. Those experience points can only be changed during battle and they only change during the drive sequence. Also, it says no where that you even take damage during the...
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    Is Anti-Form realy rare?

    It's not hit points, the file i pointed you to is the game's executable, and it has a place for "anti-points" and modifying this is the only thing that alters your chances of getting anti form. The only thing that reads or writes to it is the drive code, not the damage/hit count code...
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    Is Anti-Form realy rare?

    The guys who say it's hit points are not right. It's like the guide says, i have seen the games code. It's all MIPS machine code on the disk under the filename /SLUS_210.05 Antiforms Experience (the are the same as anti-points) determine the chances of going into antiform, but they wont change...
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    FAQ : Drive Forms

    Some of this is very wrong. Final form does level up to 7, and you dont have to have 7 drive points to do it either, about 4 hours ago my final form leveled up to 7 and i havent gotten past sephiroth yet. Also, the anti form is not random, there is a system to it thats described in the...
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    I noticed something about Sanctuary...

    I really don't think 'Synthonic' is a word... it does sound like one though! try Synthetic, Synchronic, or Symphonic. Synthetic would be 'fake', 'false', or 'made with a Synthesizer' Synchronic would have to do with timing. Symphonic means 'of or like a musical symphony'
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    wat are the orgs original names

    Ienzo is actually a name i've heard before, pronounced like "yenzo"
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    wat are the orgs original names

    (These names are for sure, i've checked) 1. Xemnas = Ansem + x 2. Xigbar = Braig + x 3. Xaldin = Dilan + x 4. Vexen = Even + x 5. Lexaeus = Elaeus + x 6. Zexion = Ienzo + x (the following names i am not sure of) 7. Saix = Sia + x 8. Axel = Ale or Alex (Short for Alexander) + x 9. Demyx = Demy +...