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    Org member before twilight thorn

    As much as I would love to watch this.... (read my sig, if you will. It has an important line about videos) Would you post a link to the same video, except on Youtube?
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    Kick it? Doesn't sound hot to me XD. OT, this theory sounds rather odd. What say you about Ven looking like Roxas? One more theory to be tested at (insert BBS release date here).
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    BBS Theory

    How is this a spoiler? Xeiri pretty much summed it up, I think. There might be some members left who could add to this, for all I know.
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    Organization XIII Moogles? Kupo!

    Thank you very much! Those are interesting... and that Moogle picture is funny! It, coincidentally, answers a question I had concerning what the Organization would do with Munny. It's nice to know Synthesis will still be in the game. Wonder about Keychains, and if Roxas will be able to Duel-Wield.
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    Organization XIII Moogles? Kupo!

    Where, pray tell, are these scans? I'd like to view them.
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    Power's back on

    Not that anyone missed me or anything, but I'm back. To make a long story short, the power went off for several days, and I had to sit through 2 days of 50-40º inside, no video games, and no heat. Anyone who missed me at all is welcome to post, despite there being so few of you. The rest may...
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    What's Xion's Connection to Kairi?

    That's just the problem with SoNami: it makes too much sense when you get down to it. Which is why it probably won't happen outside of fanfics and... questionable pictures lol. EDIT: Woops, meant to say: Yeah, that scene... hmm. Sorry, I didn't get a good night's sleep. Anyway... I can't...
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    What's Xion's Connection to Kairi?

    A plaything? Hmm, maybe there were straight characters in the Organization after all Yes, umm... SA has it down pretty well. I'd make this post more relevent, but I can't think very well right now... sorry.
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    KHI Ultimate? Hardly.

    I've been using the KHI Ultimate theme for a while now, and recently, I've noticed a couple things. Why can't I change some of my settings (such as my profile) on this theme, but I can on the Forum Default theme?
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    Greatest disappointment in KH2?

    Basically, you're trying to say they should have at least TRIED to hide who the main antagonist was, right? Instead, we got this: "Ok, we've started our journey! We learned what a Nobody is, and to look out for guys in black coats... hey, who are you guys?" "We're the Organization, and the...
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    where did riku get the two keyblades

    I think you're right (will I ever tire of saying that?). In the extended movie, Birth By Sleep, They aren't holding the Keyblades they walked over to pick up. Instead they were holding, and then fighting with, three never-before-seen Keyblades. What's up with that?
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    Why is Saix second in command and not Xigbar?

    What do you mean, X? Like unkown, as used in math?
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    Im goin to buy kh2fm and before i do

    I figured that out already when he said NAWWWWWWW. LOL. Anyway, I've been wanting to get this hardware/software for a while, but I'm not buying very much in the way of anything till I have a job =/.
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    Why is Saix second in command and not Xigbar?

    It scans a foe, and somehow determines their fighting ability, or, power level. A man with a gun had a power level of 10, and a talking sea turtle with 1. EDIT: the internet meme, "OVER 9000!!!!!" was taken from the episode where Goku fights the characters Nappa and Vegeta. Nappa asked Vegeta...
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    Why is Saix second in command and not Xigbar?

    I guess the only way to know for sure would be if we had an in-game Dragon Ball Z Saiyin Scouter. ... Were you hoping for an OVER 9000 joke? Yeah, I was talking Dusk/Creeper/Assassin Nobodies.
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    Why is Saix second in command and not Xigbar?

    Hmm. Perhaps. But it was sort of a cutscene when Sora broke it. Also, Xemnas shot lightning at Sora. He deflected it, of course, but it was a show of power. Another case is as such. Did you struggle, even in the least when you fought Nobodies for the first time as Sora? He was exausted from...
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    Why is Saix second in command and not Xigbar?

    I saw a video of a fight with KH1FM's Xemnas. He looked pretty tough. Also, he still has most of those attacks (such as shooting lasers and projecting forcefields) before he bonded with the "people's hearts" Kingdom Hearts. He even had (albeit a weaker version, and much easier to end the...
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    Im goin to buy kh2fm and before i do

    You are joking, right? There is no evidence (that I've seen) that says they will put FM, or FM+ in NA. I'd love to go to a retail store for this game, but I doubt that'll happen. I've heard from another thread to get the second of your two choices.
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    Why is Saix second in command and not Xigbar?

    Difficulty is in the game machanics. It (as far as I know) has nothing to do with how strong each character is. For example, Xaldin was much harder to beat than Xemnas (all forms), but was supposed to be much weaker.