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  1. caleb&sora

    Kingdom Hearts at Gamespot

    You guys probably already know this but I'll post it anyway. Tetsuya Nomura spoke to some of the guys at Gamespot and here is the link to their inteview E3 2010: Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Roundtable Q&A - Preview
  2. caleb&sora

    Birth by Sleep PSP Wallpapers

    I'm going to rep Salty for being so patient with all of the requests.
  3. caleb&sora

    Birth by Sleep PSP Wallpapers

    Hmm...good point. Deleting...
  4. caleb&sora

    Birth by Sleep PSP Wallpapers

    Here's some links to the sites I used. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep PSP XMB Released - PSPCrazy Forums - PSP Games, PSP Downloads, PSP News, and PSP Themes http://www.consolespot.net/forums/psp-themes/796-release-kh-keyblade-ptf.html You could probably find more if you looked around online.
  5. caleb&sora

    Birth by Sleep PSP Wallpapers

    Aqua Kairi and Namine would be great...
  6. caleb&sora

    BBS Release in US?...?

    AAAHH!! That's like, six days from my birthday!!! I hope its accurate too.
  7. caleb&sora

    KHInisder.com's BBS Boxart Contest [SUBMISSIONS CLOSED]

    Re: KHInisder.com's BBS Boxart Contest [DEADLINE JAN 9TH] Quick question, What do you mean by ripped? I'm a bit of a noob at this.
  8. caleb&sora

    Kh in Gameinforemer

    Kingdom Hearts was featured three times in the last issue of Game informer. Twice in the top 200 Video Games of all time, (Kh1 at 79, Kh2 at 130) and Birth by sleep in the previews section. Just thought you guys would like to know although you probably a getting ready to post it to the home page...
  9. caleb&sora

    Best Organization Members in CoM

    I think that Larxene is awesome because she actually has a personality (not that Axel doesn't, but more forceful.) And she had the nerve to hit Namine. That alone gives her cause to be awesome.
  10. caleb&sora

    Favourite Moment in KH2?

    Possibly the beginning and end. I almost cried when I saw Sora and Kairi taking each others hands and the lucky charm is between them. And I love the music.
  11. caleb&sora

    Wal-mart release bonus?

    Does anybody know that if you buy Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days on walmart.com you can get a ten dollar gift card?
  12. caleb&sora

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Shards of Time

    Opening: Sora sits alone on the beach of Destiny Islands. As he watches the sun set a box, carried by the waves, washes up near him. A look of dull curiosity enters his eyes and he walks half-heartedly towards it. He kneels next to it and opens it. Inside is a piece of glass of no particular...
  13. caleb&sora

    Another apprentice

    Is it possible thta Ansem had other Apprentices?
  14. caleb&sora

    Any suggestions?

    I am writing a story entitled "Kingdom Hearts: Shards of Time." Any suggestions?
  15. caleb&sora

    Local PSP Hacker?

    Does anyone know where I could get my PSP hacked? Is there anyone in OK that might be able to get the job done? P.S. I live in Stillwater
  16. caleb&sora

    PSP Coded?

    I'm not exactly sure, but I heard that Coded is coming to the PSP. Is this true?
  17. caleb&sora


    Is it possible that keyblade bearers are connected to each other? Because Xion knows a lot about Sora. Maybe they’re connected.:unsure:
  18. caleb&sora

    an emotional moment

    What do you think is the most tear renching part of the Kingdom Hearts series?
  19. caleb&sora

    Keyblade difference

    I’ve been wondering, why is it that Sora’s keyblade and Mickey’s keyblade look alike, but Riku’s looks totally different?
  20. caleb&sora

    favorite moment

    Okay, I've posted a lot of threads in the past ten minutes but I just have to ask: what is your favorite moment in any KH game? Mine would be the opening sequence for both games. The music is AWSOME!