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    FFX: aftershock

    lol, wow, how many time's have ya seen an FF rp? yeah alot probably. ah well, havn't heard of too much FF before so here we go (BTW, credit t' Scribbles and Darkriku14 for help on it) I'll never forget the stories told to me by my Grandmother, passed on from her mother, about when my great...
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    Fanfiction ► The Keybladers:A New Journey

    thanks^^ and t' all you people takin one look at it, readin that it's based on an RP, then goin t' somethin else, please don't, give this a chance please!! it's gets better, i promiss!!
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    Fanfiction ► The Keybladers:A New Journey

    thanks ^^ Chapter 2 Feeble Attempts Jayx woke up that morning, hoping to check out the other Islands for reasons regarding her recent coughing fit. She knew something bad was going to happen, but the trouble was, she didn’t know why, or when. That morning she left her hut-like tree...
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    Fanfiction ► The Keybladers:A New Journey

    [NOTE: I just wanted to mention this is based on an RP done a year or so back, created by *Destiny Seeker*. see guys, i finally wrote a book like promissed] Chapter 1 A new beginning A change came across the island. The ocean waves began to rise, crashing against the island...
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    The *Official* Scribbles Fanclub!

    well didn't see any other threads like this so waLA! the official Scribbles Fanclub! Cause everyone loves scribbs! what? never heard of scribbs? he's this guy right here and one of the best and most entertaining RPers on this site! (all members will recieve bacon) so make sure t' join and you...
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    Fanfiction ► DD:WRH2, You Choose Story.

    T4I: ....................................................................so where's that chapter you were talkin about at? Phil: yeah?........... Steve: *looking arund exspectantly* Jimmy: *preocupied* T4I: well I'll be here all day if you write anymore....
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    Final FantasyX: Aftershock (a Scribbles and T4I production)

    [NOTE: for those of you who havn't played the game, the first paragraph exsplains what happened in FFX, for those of you who have played the game, you can skip the first paragraph if you wish] I'll never forget the stories always told to me by my great aunt, about when she was younger, around...
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    The Gummi Awards Ceremony(The official Ceremony brought to you by Scribbles and T4I)

    Hey everyone Welcome to the Gummi Awards Ceremony, where we annouce who you guys chose as the Gummi award winners of 2005!!!! I'd like to thank everyone for their votes, know we couldn't have done this without them. and just so you know we're(me and scribbles) arn't making up these results...
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    The Story of Hyesral (a FF based RP)

    Story: In the world Hyesral, there have been strange disapearences happening lately, all people of power or high rainking, such as the Bird Lady who can control all the birds in Aisria, or the Royal Musician who can hypnotize people with his music in Grydehl. No one can say who is kidnapping...
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    The Gummi Awards!!! (brought to you by Scribbles and the 4th Islander)

    .:Brought to yoy by Scribbles and the 4th Islander:. .:Sponsered by Happy Time Lemonade:. Well the end o' the years almost here folks but there is one last thing we must do before we bring in the New Year,The Gummi Awards! Yes where Rpers duke it out for the crown! The tittle of Best Rper of...
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    Fanfiction ► DD:WRH2, You Choose Story.

    Phil: kay!! that's great!!!!!*is covering ears with hands* T4I and Steve: *are still panicing about Sora n' stuff* Jimmy: *is staring at a sign that says: TUNA #1 FOOD SOLD ANYWHERE NOW 50% OFF* Jimmy: *eye twitches* HENRY!!!!! NOOOOO!!!!!! Phil:....anyway.....I'll just wait for more then....
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    Fanfiction ► DD:WRH2, You Choose Story.

    T4I:SORA DIED?!!?!!?!! Steve: HE DIED?!?!?!?! T4I & Steve: *start running around in circles ranting on about death, salami, and Sora* Phil: *calmly walks up to Steve and slaps him in the face.* Steve: *stops looking stunned*...
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    Nirthen bording school (for the supernaturaly gifted)

    Nirthen bording school isn't a average school, it does teach all the normal things, or most of them, like math, science, history, phisical education......but the classes are slightly different. Nirthen bording school is a private school for certain "gifted" people. average people would call...
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    Worst Rumors.

    that sound so soap oprea-ish (spelt wrong I know) another one which isn't exactly a rumor but was halarious: KH2 will be released the early summer of 2005 (really long time ago they said that...sad)
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    Where's Zidane?

    yeah I'd be fine with nearly anyone else from FF9 except Eiko and Garnet. I'd want Zidane and Vivi out of all the main characters in FF9 though. one down one to go^^
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    Where's Zidane?

    looking at the pictures/scans I think they made vivi into a heartless since he looks so much like one. I say this because of the semi evil face on his hat that isn't there in FF9. also meaning that he might not talk. that'd suck Vivi's awsome and I wanna hear him talk! also I hope Zidane's in...
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    Fanfiction ► DD:WRH2, You Choose Story.

    T4I: I've never seen that movie................. Phil, Steve, Jimmy: O.o T4I: WHAT?!-hey were's that new guy Fred? Phil: move to France. Steve: pitty.....anyway um......*hands Dancbanks a spark of inspiration* there ya go^^
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    Fanfiction ► DD:WRH2, You Choose Story.

    T4I: acctually anything's good Phil: as long as there are fake mustaches! Steve: and polkadotted ties! Jimmy: and Fishys! Fred: AND CHEESE!!! T4I: *hits hand against own head*
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    Fanfiction ► DD:WRH2, You Choose Story.

    T4I:sneak in!!! Phil: with a fake mustache!!! Steve: and a polkdot tie! Jimmy: holding a fishy! Fred: WITH CHEES IN YOUR MOUTH!!!
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    Harry Potter

    nice what you found....but the people without souls in Harry Potter are all mindless and everything, if you look at the shells in KH2 it looks like they have minds n' stuff...