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    Kingdom Hearts has made another list!!!

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    [bbs] CO, last world?

    this is the first rheory ive ever seen were some douche doesnt just say no which meens its really good i always wanted to learn more about co and this gives me hope
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    NOT spoiling myself

    my comp has no sound so looks like im stuck ima just wait
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    Best Worlds in KH2

    pride lands def .
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    zero gear for SORA

    okay well personaly duel weild roxas sucks for me
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    zero gear for SORA

    has anyone else realized zero gear for sora is a sword everyone is so hyped about dual weild no one mentioned this then when i was playing as sora i was like WAH
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    So, is Dual Wielding Roxas supposed to suck, or what?

    does anyone else relize with zero gear sora has a normal sword
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    multiple questions

    im sorry i have questions that have most likely been answered but what was your favorite style of play within kingdom hearts games for example did you like the card system in CoM or the ones in kh1 and kh2 or the panel system or are you looking foward to system in bbs i personaly loved the...
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    the Importance of Key Chains/ Ventus & Vanitas

    i agree i wish to read this to i have been wondering the same things and just want some clarifacation ............ argggggggggg the theories are getting annnoying i just want to actually know
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    danke .
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    sorry guys but what exactly is a an unverrsed ive been looking around for a complete story of bbs yet cant find one and if some one knows were to find a detailed 100% up to date no lies on the story line of kh please link it
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    Excluding Axel and Xion, which other members do you think got on well with Roxas?

    xigbair wasnt very meen in days it seemed as though he would joke with him and clearly larxene is a total bi*ch