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  1. SugarToppedLove

    Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Artbook?

    I have a feeling the art book was just screen shots and pictures taken of actual pictures in a lazy move to show more. Thats one thing I hope to not see if they do a new one. The Think summon was a let down when I looked through the whole book for more. It's like the book is meant to be on...
  2. SugarToppedLove

    Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Artbook?

    ooo i really hope they bring in another Artbook. A tad bit bigger or more pages. It felt like the last one was leaving out some juicy concept art. It would be great if when you buy the game it comes with an extra case so you have the odd book and cd in one case and a not necessarily metallic...
  3. SugarToppedLove

    What the heck hit Sora in the beginning?

    He would be dead, bam just push continue and he's hit in the back again by a shoe this time
  4. SugarToppedLove

    I can't be the only one...

    The whole thing? or just one part?
  5. SugarToppedLove

    I can't be the only one...

    When you have too much hours and come home so tired and restless, and all you want to do is glomp a pillow saving the world has to wait. I finally got to atlantis, and haven't even touched ReCoM Thats about to change ^ ^
  6. SugarToppedLove

    Ursala's eye

    OMB THE BEST JEM YET! Every time I look at it I crack up. I just played through the fight again but got distracted by goofy swimming into the spiky thingy over and over again.
  7. SugarToppedLove

    What the heck hit Sora in the beginning?

    Re: What the heck hit Sora in the beginning??? Haha when I played it I could have sworn it was a coconut too XD
  8. SugarToppedLove

    How did you fall in love with Kingdom Hearts?

    It was when I saw the official trailer and was whisked away by the kid with the spiky brown hair and a huge key he used as a weapon. Later that year when it came out my friend already got it and was playing and it looks so wonderful (in Alice in wonderland ) And thats when I saw Riku and was...
  9. SugarToppedLove

    Looking Back - First Kingdom Hearts Trailer

    Aww it's like a time capsule of how Square developed KH. I remember anticipating to go to the Disney castle and then finding out I would never go there in KH 1 :(
  10. SugarToppedLove

    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts | Star Wars is here, bby! Other live action films?

    Re: Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - What worlds do you want to see in KH3? since Disney owns Star Wars i would be super curious to see if Starwars actually makes it into KH3 Sora with a lightsaber style key blade ~whoosh whoosh~
  11. SugarToppedLove

    Games gone unrecognized

    I just recently finished Shadow of Destiny on the psp and it brought out an interesting question: Have you ever played a game that went on to have low of bad reviews when it fact it was a pretty decent game and People just don't get it? For me those Games where Shadow of Destiny- (PC, PS2...
  12. SugarToppedLove

    Should I change my pre-order?

    I agree with ChibiHeartless though if you preorder it in store you are not getting a code, you actually get the theme I believe after completing the game. Gamestops in my district aren't offering the Artbooks now either you make sure before you go.
  13. SugarToppedLove

    Hello World!

    Hello KH World I'm sugar, a gamer, trying to be a Youtuber, an artist, and a programmer, though I'm not as good as i want to be. ^-^ Hope to have a wonderful experience here with you all, and hopefully make a little forum family of my own or at least join yours. (apologies I wrote this thread...