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    CoM vs. Re:CoM

    Yep very true. Get Re:COM.
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    Three styles

    I'd like to ask the KHI creative comunity to give me some input on these sigs. These are the first three i made after stoping for a few months. So i'd apreciate some comments about what could be improved. Thank you.
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    I'm going to accost you with progress in Re:CoM

    Ursula was the real bitch for me, she was hard to hit as hell dispite being huge, i don't know if it was the game's poor hit detection but that was the only one that gave me trouble.
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    Fanfiction ► .Hack//E.P.//vol. 1 legacy

    Yeah keep going prince! Give my char a bit of screen time if you can. XD
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    Fanfiction ► Reality Ain't Pretty, Sora!

    Nice that was a good read. Is Org XIII like a fraternity? LOL
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    Fanfiction ► .Hack//E.P.//vol. 1 legacy

    It was a nice read. Thanks for the story.
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    Final Mix+

    I have the japanese version of KH 2 FM+ including the remake of CoM. The voices are in english so if you played the normal KH2 you'll have no problem.
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    Fanfiction ► .hack// SEED

    Chapter II He finaly opened his eyes after diving into the game and his M2D been filled by flashing lights, he was now standing in a large round room. He pressed forward and was amuzed to see how good the graphics were around him and to be able to walk although he could still feal his body...
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    Fanfiction ► .hack// SEED

    Yes folks, yet another .hack fan fic, as if you didn't have enough already! Please bare with me as we dive together into The World once again. .hack//SEED The bell rang announcing the end of the class; the noise of the chairs dragging away...
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    Fanfiction ► .Hack//Epitaph Crisis

    Another .hack fan fic, cool the theme never gets old. Keep it up.
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    Fanfiction ► .Hack//E.P.//vol. 1 legacy

    (dude triple post..... so not cool :thumbdown: use edit button.) :bored: Eeeeer guys..... this could be really interesting but...... could we please go back to the story? That rocks btw!
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    Fanfiction ► The World

    I don't wanna see this story disapear....... are you sure this is how things are going to end. :cry: Don't give up, you were doing so well. Do it for .hack!!!!!!
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    Fanfiction ► .Hack//E.P.//vol. 1 legacy

    Fine.... My final guess is..... Zelkova!!! You could have given some clues...
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    Fanfiction ► .Hack//E.P.//vol. 1 legacy

    Let's see..... a character...... Piros the third...... i think he had a anoying laugh......
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    Marluxia....giant noob?

    His element is death.... he is a more feminine version of the reaper..... i thought he was pretty impressive.
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    Kingdom Hearts II Manga

    I could have bought volume 1 of KH2 by now but i decided to wait till they release the full pack....
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    Fanfiction ► .Hack//E.P.//vol. 1 legacy

    YEY! Xugoh saves the day! Kind of...... You are going pretty well.
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    Fanfiction ► .Hack//E.P.//vol. 1 legacy

    Nice fan fic. It's always good to see a nice .hack story. Keep up the good work!
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    Fanfiction ► The World

    Nice work..... but you could have introduced Haseo a little better.... You haven't mention some details about the game itself such as the M2D, the virtual reality helmet that makes dot hack..... well dot hack.... You really look like you are rushing things, take your time and make sure you...
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    Org. XIII vs Akatsuki

    Let the gang wars begin!!!!!!!!! Who's the best organiztion around? I mean who are the most powerful? Which has the best looking uniform? The coolest members? The best plan? The most evil? Show your suport for these two factions as they begin the ultimate clash for world domination!!!!!!!