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  1. Rage-Roxas

    hi gusy

    You probably don't even remember me and my 43 nobody status posts, but hello anyway. I was gone for a few months, even from the lurking. I got mad at KH. Can Kingdom Hearts Union X be stopped? Please.
  2. Rage-Roxas

    A glitch

    Has this happened to anyone else? Few days ago, I was just playing KHUx, completing a quest (it was 120-something) and used the special attack of a Xigbar medal. Suddenly, all of the sound effects stopped and the Wonderland combat theme just kept playing. No matter where did I go on the entire...
  3. Rage-Roxas

    News ► Watch the Final Trailer of KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue!

    My little sister accidentally paused the video and said Riku looks like Judy Hopps in this picture... now she's almost crying of laughter... sorry
  4. Rage-Roxas

    Good morning

    My alarm tone was Forze Del Male... Imagine waking up hearing 13th Struggle and realize you're late from school. Or have you ever accidentally made an alarm to the middle of night and your phone has fell to the floor under the bed? (I have...) Well, imagine that happening, but alarm tone is...
  5. Rage-Roxas

    What the heck am I supposed to do?

    I'm stuck in 2nd floor. I chose Wonderland, but I can't beat the boss because it's spamming 7 and 8 cards. I have only one 7 card, and that's a premium card, so I have to use triangle a lot, and at the end I have only like cure card and one Kingdom Key card. Where can I get more cards? The...
  6. Rage-Roxas

    in your opinion, what are the best and worst things about the original kingdom hearts?

    Best: I like how Disney aspects are actually important, simple plot, larger maps and how there are actually something to explore. And you actually have to use your brains while navigating, I like how the worlds are more interactive. And in Kingdom Hearts there is that kind of... mysterious...
  7. Rage-Roxas


    It seems that everyone hates KH1 Riku, am I the only one who doesn't think so? Not even when I was younger lol.
  8. Rage-Roxas

    Dreams about Kingdom Hearts

    Have you seen dreams about Kingdom Hearts? I've seen few, and those are kind of weird. Last night I saw a dream where I was playing Kingdom Hearts 1, and there were a LOT of Riku battles. For some reason Sora was really angry at Riku (likely something omg kairi riku whyare you on tye dark side)...
  9. Rage-Roxas

    Am I overleveled or what is this?

    I'm playing the original PS2 version.
  10. Rage-Roxas

    Am I overleveled or what is this?

    People say stuff like "the 2nd riku battle in hollow bastion is so hard!!!". Well, I've been replaying KH1 in Expert Mode lately and everything have been so easy for me and it kinda annoys me... About the Riku battle, I was on level 45 and it was so freaking easy and I didn't die even once. And...
  11. Rage-Roxas

    Kingdom Hearts in your native language

    I'm just wondering does some terms, names etc. mean something else in your native language (or any other language). Like in my native language, Finnish, Sora means gravel. Also Riku is a male given name (and as you may have realized already, unisex name in japanese...) and you know the ship...
  12. Rage-Roxas

    Eurovision Song Contest

    I'm using a phone so I'm too lazy to write something super amazing here, but any Europeans (and australians or where ever you are from) that are crazy about Eurovision here? // whoops this belongs to media discussion? sorry
  13. Rage-Roxas

    Information at the end

    Thank you really much! I didn't know that thing about KH2, I got to close my PS before something like that even appeard (just when credits started). Seriously, I got to fight all the Xemnas battles again? I don't want to play that Riku part in KH2 ever again!
  14. Rage-Roxas

    Information at the end

    After I watched all the credits and stuff, at the end is an information windows which says "Would you like to save clear data? Saving allows you to unlock new content". Does that mean it SAVES my game? I don't want to lose my first gameplay of a game with multiple save files... I don't know why...
  15. Rage-Roxas


    Well, now it's maybe also as Sora. I'm not sure, because right now in Symphony of Sorcery, but a little before I finished Country of The Musketeers, the battle music didin't stop when the command deck was blue...
  16. Rage-Roxas


    When playing as Riku, the battle music always plays. This happens in places there are something to do, I am now in Country of The Musketeers and All For One is playing even when there are no enemies. This started in Traverse Town before going to Country of Musketeers and since that the battle...
  17. Rage-Roxas

    Least favourite KH1 world?

    Monstro. Not because it was hard or confusing (and it wasn't even confusing or anything to me??) but I used to be so freaking scared of these "getting eaten by someone" or anything being-inside-someone. I couldn't sleep because the music was just stuck in my head and it scared me. D: And I...
  18. Rage-Roxas

    How did you fall in love with Kingdom Hearts?

    Well, it was 2012 when I was 9-10 years old. My big sister always told me to play Kingdom Hearts when I was 8 or 9. When I finally started it, I just watched the intro and played Dive to the Heart a little. Then my friend came to ask me to go outside and then I went there and forgot the game...
  19. Rage-Roxas

    Introduction or something like that

    Hello everyone, this is going to be a terrible introduction. I'm kind of new here. I like Kingdom Hearts I guess. I've played Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts, little of Chi and watched cutscenes from some games... whoops. And when I find one, I'm gonna buy Dream Drop Distace, sadly I don't find...