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  1. KHeart

    Mumford & Sons

    Kind of a folk type band who sing somewhat about love I guess you could say. So anyone heard of them?
  2. KHeart


    I think I have posted something on this site with this stock, but whatever. Really, really, tried to get my smuding down on this piece and well I don't know it could go either way, let me know khi, CNC please.
  3. KHeart

    That is a LOT of Dead Presidents.

    Tried a new style that I was not fond or comfortable with and one of these will be my sotw entry, so pick which version you like and cnc it please if you can, and really want to see how this style goes over for me, so please let me know what you think. Ver 1 Ver 2
  4. KHeart

    Lovely Layers

    Just something that I did, haven't made too much lately. CNC please. no text
  5. KHeart

    Need Some Stuff Cleared Up

    I am pretty sure this is the right section, but if not you are free to move it. Anyway back to business, I just unlocked the secret video and am confused on somethings, like why does it show Roxas, Axel, Xion; why does it show Terra and Ven, saying Sora? I thought Ven was in that deep sleep and...
  6. KHeart

    Used a Tut for a change.

    I used this tut, tell me what you think. http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs13/f/2007/037/a/1/This_Is_Not_A_Competition_Tut_by_Duzyourfacehurt.png
  7. KHeart

    Don't really know what to call this.

    Got the stock from a member on the site, liked his piece he did with it, so I tried to make something out of it. I think your name is Cloud, the person knows who they are who gave me the stock, anyway what I am getting to is that I saved your image, and used as a blueprint of sorts if that is...
  8. KHeart


    cnc please
  9. KHeart

    IDK About the Green

    CNC please.
  10. KHeart

    All the Pretty Colours

    CNC please, still want to see the movie. version2
  11. KHeart

    Tried Something New!

    Black and White Color(some what0
  12. KHeart


    Help me decide, this is my sotw, should I take out the text? Also feel free to cnc it if you want.
  13. KHeart

    List of Square-enix games at Jump Festa 2011!

    Is that KHBBSFM coming to US?
  14. KHeart

    You Have GOT to Check This Out

    This is something I made that I actually like. CNC please.
  15. KHeart

    Daft Tron

    Pretty pump about the new album so I made this. Wondering a few things, like no text or text, or now c4d or yes on the c4d. I don't know, let me know. Also CNC please. No Text Text.
  16. KHeart

    Tried to make it blend

    I tried to get this to blend don't know if it did or not, you all can be the judge. I even tried to do a triangle like the one guy on the site. I didn't really like it, guess triangles just aren't my thing. [No Text] [Text]
  17. KHeart

    Gurren Fight

    Thought of fire when I did this. [IMG]http://img23.imageshack.us/img23/6318/gurentag1.png[/IMG
  18. KHeart

    Requesting Texters...And Anything Else..Really

    In a slump, a bad one.. So I don't know if texters(or texturs, I don't know how to spell it) will help, but it is a start. Or anything that could help me out of my slump, advice, a sweet c4d, or even a kick ass stock. Whatever helps you get out of a slump could help me out, so could you help me out?
  19. KHeart

    Text Base Tag

    What the title says. I like it personally. That is just me though.
  20. KHeart

    Camo and Gernade for Veterans Day

    Well not really Camo just green, he does have a Gernade though. Looks like it is trying to blend, but I really don't know, taking baby steps with the thing. CNC.