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    New KH Merchandise from SE Shop

    The Square Enix Official Online Shop has some new accessories you might be interested in, a pair of silver earrings featuring Sora's and Roxas's symbols. Source: FF-Reunion
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    NEW Kingdom Hearts Compilation Soundtrack Released!!!

    For all the music lovers out there, just a friendly reminder that the 3 disc compilation soundtrack of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, and Kingdom Hearts Re:coded is now out in the market! It also includes new songs from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. The...
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    New KH Play Arts

    Square Enix Shop Source: FF-Reunion
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    Kingdom Hearts BbS IGN Reader's Choice Awards

    UPDATE: BbS did not win any of the IGN Best of 2010 Awards. However, you can still vote for the game in the same categories for the IGN Reader's Choice Awards! Links Here: Best Story Most Addictive game Best Visuals Most Bang for your Buck Best PSP Game of the Year Winners to be announced on...
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    Unversed portal?

    I updated the Translation thread with a speculative explanation for the Portal:
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    BBSFM Famitsu Article Translation

    Birth by Sleep Final Mix Images: HEARTSTATION.ORG ---