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    Riku vs Roxas

    its kinda hard to ignore
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    Roxas vs. King Mickey

    maybe but the way he fights is like when we saw Yoda fight in Star Wars episodes 2 and 3 (2 mostly)
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 torrent

    Torrent is a way of downloading things but takes AGES so if someone tried downloading KH2 it'd take until KH2 is out in the UK and US.
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    Full Endings! Spoilers*

    actually they arn't old since these are the ENTIRE endings no bits missing
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    A few questions *SPOILERS*

    Does Stitch have a role outside being summoned in battle? Does anyone have a clear shot of Rikus weapon? (Is it his KH1 weapon used before he gets his Keyblade and in CoM?) What are the no-bodys? What is the 13 orders purpose/goal? What is Axels fate? What is Petes fate?
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    if KH2 does well then late 2006 or mid 2007 we'll soon learn news of a KH3 explaining who the Knights and the shadow are.
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    Is pride lands any fun?

    I still don't see what was wrong with Atlantica, the only thing that bothered me was the Dolphin thing and the fact I had "Under the Sea" in my head for a week
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    Final Form Sora V.S. KH2 Sephiroth

    depends on Soras level to be honest
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    I wonder if Riku is a party member for this world or just these battles
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    Passion Discussion Thread

    Re: english passion lyrics theres about 3 different vertions of Passion, I think this one it the one where it doesn't say that.
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    Vivi rocks out loud! *POSSIBBLE SPOILERS*

    Everybodys talking about the ending but there was another video that I though had an awesome scene. That scene being Vivi trashing Siefer so easily. Vivi is now even more my favorate Final Fantasy character than before. What do you think?
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    Well it was the people who did the CGI for Advent Children that made these movie scenes. Mickey, Donald and Goofy look awesome in the movie graphics (Sora, Riku, Kairi etc do to but seeing the Disney trio in the movie garphics is increadible)
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    I like this ending, but all this talk of a possible prequal is not be believable. A Sequal would be nice though. Honest what makes you think that scene was set in the past? 1: The Knights Armor looked more like it was of a time yet to come 2: If there was a Prequal it would mean Sora, Kairi...
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    Tifa Confirmed?!

    its KH2 graphics alright but its not a cutscene, most likely via pressing the select button to see through Sora or Roxas eyes. Perhaps we'll see a cutscene shot soon enough.
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    Spoilers- BHK's name

    Nah, for all we know he may not even know his own name, explaining why we don't learn it and near the games end he learns it and it explains a huge secret about the plot.
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    The fake news, could some be true...?

    Think about it, they mentioned that there would be alot more new FF characters so for all we know the FF characters mentioned (Vincent and Tifa) Might actually be in KH2. Sure the news was fake, but the characters mentioned MIGHT be in the game, remember Vivi and Rikku are in it, characters...
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    Deep Dive...a part of KH2?!?

    it looks more like a city than a town
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    Summons more important this time round?

    nah it can't be in battle scenes because theres no health bar, we can tell when its in battle by the health bar with Sora and the Summon in. But maybe they only appear out of battle for that one part of the story in which Sora summons all his summons to help keep the Heartless back
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    Deep Dive...a part of KH2?!?

    Deep Dive is the name of the trailer NOT the place if I recall correct. The city has yet to be named, but it seems to be important in KH2. My guess it is what Hallowbastian was to KH1 but to KH2 especialy since Hallowbastian is being rebuilt.
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    Hercules vs Auron...?!?

    erm when Auron was first revieled to be in KH2 we were told he had been hired by Hades and of course we knew it was the same as with Cloud in KH1. We knew this before we knew he'd join your party.