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    the force unleashed

    does anyone know where to find the music that plays during the Darth Vader battle on the Wii version of "star wars: the force unleashed"?
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    star wars the force unleashed

    does anyone know where i can get the music from the Darth Vader battle for the Wii version?
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    record wii games on tv

    how do you record wii games on tv? would i record it like normal tv?
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    other programs

    are there any programs like photoshop that i can download for free?
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    invert/opposite colors on windows movie maker

    i have windows movie maker and i want to invert the colors of the videos i make, but how do you do it?
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    i might get a laptop computer, but which company should i purchase from? dell, Macintosh... will i be able to transfer everything from my dell desktop computer to my laptop?
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    are there any "fun codes" like walk through walls, different characters in party slot, alternate rooms,etc. for kh2 on codebreaker? if so, please post them.
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    which one?

    i don't know which one i should get. ***please post reasons why you made your choice***
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    wii points

    does anyone else think that there should be an alternative way to obtain wii points? like convert coins from games like super mario galaxy or super smash bros. brawl.
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    super mario galaxy soundtrack

    does anyone know where i can download the entire SUPER MARIO GALAXY SOUNDTRACK?
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    pokemon diamond/pearl

    i am thinking of getting one of these for my nintendo ds, but what is the difference between pokemon diamond and pokemon pearl? and which one is better? also, is eevee in it?
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    transformers the game (ps2)

    what is "optimus prime robovision"???????????????????????????????????
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    early master sword

    i saw a video on you tube explaining how to perform a glitch that allows you to obtain the master sword early; but i was wondering, are there any other glitches to get the master sword early?
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    the song

    does anyone know where i can download the song playing in this video: YouTube - Rayman Raving Rabbids 2: GC 2007 Around the World - Leipzig thank you for taking the time to help me!
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    rayman raving rabbids 2

    how do i unlock the "transformers" and "indiana jones" costumes? i heard you have get 12,000+ points on the "plumber" and "rolling stone" levels and that does not work. HELP PLEASE!!!
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    wii fit

    on wii fit, does it matter whether i choose a boy trainer or girl trainer?
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    YouTube - Strange Wilderness Shark Laugh This video is old, but F***ing hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    cats or dogs?

    i personally think that dogs are the best animal that god made. i mean "DOG" is "GOD" backwards too.
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    spells and magic

    not to sound stupid or crazy or anything , but i am really interested in magic and i found this website: Spells do any of these work? more importantly,does this one work? callme
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    "davy jones plays his organ" mp3

    does anyone have a link to this music?