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    Back, after a looong break.

    Hey everyone. I used to post here about 3 or 4 years ago. But I forgot my password so I couldn't log in. But I managed to remember it. So here I am.
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    Something unique about Mickey (Spoilers)

    playing as mickey will be quite use full, cause then you wont have to keep fighting the boss over and over and over again untill you can finally beat him by luck
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    About Maleficent (Spoilers)

    na i don't think maleificent is in this game at all, and i doubt she is good at all because she opens her heart to true darkness in kh1, and in the end sora eliminates her.
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    kh2 trailer i made

    this trailer contains stuff from kh2 and scences from the ending video of kh2, so watch, enjoy, and tell me what you think. here is the link: http://files.filefront.com/KH2_0001wmv/;4507112;;/fileinfo.html
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    (spoiler alert) Pics of Knights

    ultima, then why does the note in the bottle have king mickeys seal on it? and if he was still there then mickey, goofy and donald would be reading it too. so obviously he left
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    (spoiler alert) Pics of Knights

    na, i dont think its kairi, because in the kh2 ending trailer kairi gives sora a bottle with a note in it and it has king mickys seal then it shows the knights so i think micky is warning him about those guys
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    (spoiler alert) Pics of Knights

    here are some pics i have of the keyblade knights from the KH2 ending video http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v123/white_heartless/_Avalon_KH2-3009_0005.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v123/white_heartless/_Avalon_KH2-3009_0004.jpg...
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    hey yall =)

    Hey yall, it's me white heartless. I thought it would be appropriate to post here cause i havent been on in a long....... time lol. so hey to all mods and new members (hehe).
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    My kh2 type fan movie i made

    here is the fan movie i made, its the first one so dont be to harsh and plz rate it. it should work now. http://s26.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=3UH5NOF3NZGQY3ADVJOGFNR7GV
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    How do you increase your rep points, i know someone probably already asked this question but i didn't hear the answer. Can only mods and admins increase it or what?
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    Where can I buy Kingdom Hearts Final Mix?

    Re: Final Mix Ya i made a thread on this before but no one answererd( i know wrong spelling, lol) but what is this swap disk im hearing about? I am wondering because i plan on buying KH: final mix
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    Ya it will probably be delayed by some dumb hackers trying to get info on the game because they cant wait which will ultimately ruin it for everyone, but for all of you whinning about how you cant wait, just think about how the fans of half life felt, that game took 6 YEARS to come out, be...
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    Kingdom Hearts: final mix question

    I was planning on buying Kh final mix and i have herd talk of a certain addapter or something so you can play it on an english PS2 and like translate it or somthing. Can someone plz submit a link to a site that sells this chip or adapter or what ever it is?
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    waaa :(

    Can the midnighter or one of the rpg people make it so that summons can be used in battles because fayth servants will never be able to take out a ai with out summons.
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    Grrr >_<

    No, this is not a thread aggaisnt forums! This is a against all those dumbos out there who go and say that the mods are bad and the midnighter is cheating on the rpg thing! Well first off the midnighter is not cheating! The midnighter should be able to get what he has now he basicly makes sure...
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    What happened to the forums this time? First the MYSQL or what ever crashed then the server was always to bussy for me to logg on! Then there was a bandwith problem for a couple of days! now it seems like all the treads have been lost! so can someone plz tell me whats going on!
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    What Sora has become

    I dont know if he knows what he is talking about.
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    Ultimate Keyblade

    I have gotten it like 50 times, lol I have played KH about 50 times and completed it perfectly. Oh and I didn't use the stratigy guide(probably not spelled right) for the first 10 times.
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    Kh2 info.

    Lol, I am alittle late.
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    Kh2 info.

    I don't know if this is old news or new, but when i recently watched dd and asas i noticed something. When BFU(Blind Folded Unknown) jumps off the building it is because he grabs the oblivian keyblade, the only reason he grabs it is because BHK throws it into the air to destroy a heartless. So i...