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  1. K

    the secret place pictures

    I think you can find a picture of mickey mouse.....
  2. K

    the incredibles in kh2

    Ah! you mean Syndrome. But no. I don't think they will because the setting isn't fantasy enough.
  3. K

    Special collaborations attacks in KH2 like Auron and Sora

    That could only really make it awkward in my opinion, messing around with double power attacks, shmeh....
  4. K

    who cried at the end?

    I didn't pay attention to the ending, I was waiting for the special ending. I wouldn't have cried though. Because I can't. I'm a man. The only emotion I can comprehend is pain.
  5. K

    3 secret keyblades!

    He could at LEAST make his suggestion plausible, I mean Ok maybe 1 hidden keyblade that we ALL missed, but THREE?!
  6. K

    Cell Phones In Kh2?? I Dout It

    WTF? She isn't your friend, but she's your cousin, but she is your friend?
  7. K

    Cell Phones In Kh2?? I Dout It

    Then why is she your friend?
  8. K

    3 secret keyblades!

    I find it just a little more than convenient that he posted a cheat for a Japanese version of the game in an english forum.
  9. K

    How do you get Reverse blade...if there is one?1

    Quick question, did any one find the game easier when they replayed it on Expert? may as well make something useful out of the thread (am i right?) :o
  10. K

    How do you get Reverse blade...if there is one?1

    Might want to be Sephiroth, but since it doesn't exist...
  11. K

    Call out from a newbie

    Hey all, I'm new (doy) and I just want to say i'm pleased to be a part of the forums.