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    2nd Ranked team in Vulpes Anima is looking for new members

    Check us out here IF you are intereste just comment below or contact our admins on Line App: Isokhux amorettielle
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    Mods, Where do we post for recruitment?

    I can delete or close this after, but just wanted to know if we can start posting for recruitment here or another board? thanks in advance!
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    Will be recording kh 2.8 this year like i did with kh1.5 2 years ago at jump fest

    If anyone remembers my video that I recorded [here"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYhGDCji1Dc]here Ill be doing the same this year with kh2.8(only of course with better quality and sound so its not so amateur lol). Unless it is different this year where its a private showing, then gg. but...
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    Can't believe its been a year...

    honestly, from the time of getting this down on proud then critical mode.....probably a good 2 weeks before being able to get it down no damage. then maybe another week getting no damage down with the camera rolling in front of me. It was tough but rewarding! I've always wanted to be one of...
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    Can't believe its been a year...

    cant believe its been a year since i first played this game in japan (Japanese version of course). time sure went by fast and I was the first person to no damage Julius the secret boss for this game (on critical mode). I kinda wanted to celebrate that year ago with my video showing. so...
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMix Jump Festa Trailer

    square must have thought after my video was online"$h*t now we gotta release the trailer" lol ;)
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    News ► First Glimpse at KH 1.5 HD Re:Mix Trailer!

    just a quick question did anyone else attend the event?
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    News ► First Glimpse at KH 1.5 HD Re:Mix Trailer!

    your welcome. anything for my fellow kh fans! like i said in my video description sorry for the distance i didnt want to be caught. and you can just play simple and clean in the background and it be the same :). and it isnt the whole trailer but i wanted to get the gameplay in at least for...
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    jump festa 2012 attendence

    Hi guys, Im towards the end of my japan studies and ill be making a trip to jump festa in tokyo. I will be taking pictures and hopefully recording. will let everyone know of my hands on impression on the kh1.5 hd remix once the event is over. Hopefully it should be fun :). will also take...
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    NO DAMAGE vs secret boss (sora version)

    Hey guys. just wanted to share this video someone made. This is a no damage video against julius using sora. credit goes to the maker of the video, im just sharing it on his behalf. enjoy!!!! Kingdom Hearts 3D:Dream Drop Distance - Secret Boss:Critical Mode/No Damage (Sora) - YouTube Credit...
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    Seraph everytime you write i cant help but think that its ymx speaking and writing everything in his voice lol. your picture makes me think that haha.
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    Best and fastest way to farm link points (Ability link) for my Dream Eaters?

    Everything said here is correct. Use water barrels to get alot of points and feed them the snacks. and Just give them the love and care they need too by rubbing them. not only will you get points you will be able to have them change their eye colors will allow them to unlock new paths for their...
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    What's your probable Dream Eater team?

    heres my spirits but i named them after pokemon :) Kingdom hearts Dream Drop Distance Menu Showcase - YouTube
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    Secret boss fight no damage

    Yea Riku is actually a lot better for this fight then sora. Sora lacks the reflect barrier that riku has so it might make it a bit harder to no damage julius with him. Funny i remembered saying who the hell can no damage this guy, then it became me who did lol.
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    Secret boss fight no damage

    Well everyone Here is my video to the world and I guess i can say im the first of the youtube videos on no damage secret bosses for kh3DS. Here is Julius fight with riku no damage. I put a breakdown of the fight in my description of the video. I apologize for the quality, but its better then...
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    Secret boss fight no damage

    Nope i wont be hitting him from far this will be a close range/mid range battle. if you seen my last boss fight with him you can see how i did it
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    Secret boss fight no damage

    Hey guys. I wanted to make an early celebration release video for the kh fans who will be getting the game in english. In doing so I will be posting a no damage boss fight against Julius. I just did to see how it would work. Im gonna do this with riku first then after try sora. It will take some...
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    A Small Change to the NA Edition of KH (POTENTIAL SPOILERS)

    well even with those level 1 cm runs you have to be quick about dodging in any of the games. arent they mostly just no damage runs too??
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    A Small Change to the NA Edition of KH (POTENTIAL SPOILERS)

    I have the game in japanese, but to think about i never really noticed anything about the HP. I didnt even have a problem with my HP. People really got frustrated over this????? i never noticed lol it felt normal to me, I just heal and thats that haha
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    Secret Boss on Critical mode

    Well found a neat lil strategy to defeat julius without balloons. here it is on critical mode: Kingdom hearts 3DS Secret boss fight: Julius Critical mode (Riku) - YouTube