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    does anyone know

    does anyone know what the fanrir key looks like if u do send me a pic
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    i heard they were making a 3rd kh already that would be cool
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts/ Final Fantasy

    your're a really good writer and rpger
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    kh3:the end of the begining

    2 years after kh2 sora,donald,goofy,riku,and mickey are on there way to find kiari.heartless still riot worlds and ansem is back with a new group of enemys called zorax a group of 10 evil keybladers.in this sora meets his long lost brother. characters: sora:bazeak23 donald: goofy: riku: mickey...
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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    yeah i bought one and the collecters edition strategy guide with it i was sad that the game didn't have a lot of varity of worlds and the worlds r way too easy.the strategy guide doesn't really help but I have to continue wit the story
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    when your older were will want a tattoo and peircings

    i would want a guitar tattooed on my back and peirce my lip
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    how do u ask someone out u've know forever

    well my bestfriends a girl and we have know eachother since like 3 well i like her alot i think she knows i like her.my other friends ask her if she likes me but she never says anything so i don't know i haven't told her face to face yet but i am really she and were like really good friends i...
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    whats your favorite band and song and why

    u can have more than one favorite song and band I'LL TYPE MINE UP IN A BIT THATS ABOUT IT
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    can i plz join someones clan

    i would really like to join a clan even though i'm not at a high level
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    what is wrong with the equip

    why is it in battles i can't use my sword i checked to make sure it's equiped many times plz someone help me
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    i'm changing my username

    i am sorasecondcoming and i will be making a new account because mine is bugged so i will change it to hollow halo so for all the people who know me i am changing it (sorry if this is spamming or in the wrong topic)
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    will anyone let me join their clan

    can i.i have pretty good stats until i found out i got bugged
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    what the

    my stats went down alot why
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    rpg problem

    whats wrong with the rpg system it isn't working or somethin
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    Could the bhk be.......?

    no that couldn't be because of what we know from ff10 he couldn't be a keyblader.if was he would of had a much bigger part in kh1
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    clan war

    has anyone thought about having clan against clan that would be pretty cool wouldn't it we should thing of it but i'm not a administor so i can't do any thing
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    I found something!!!!!

    yes i totally agree with this theory this is some good progress in our discovery about the unknowns
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    i was just wondering

    is anyone a diviner
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    Riku's Keyblade?!

    i don't think he did also
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    Riku's Keyblade?!

    show us please