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    Sanctuary vs Passion

    I say passion because they have teh background voices which makes the song have a better impact, while sactuary, as many people have said, it dragged the words out, Utada sounded like she had layringytis(sp?) when it was recorded, and there were no, i mean NO background voices, which if listened...
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    nobody and org similarities

    don;t forget, i've heard that the last battle with marluxia, the thing he is in, is also a nobody. it wasn't given a name, (assasin, maybe? but someone on hte forums had said that the thing he is in is a nobody Edit: Curses, beat me to it...^^
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    Face in cave in KH1

    speaking of namine's sketches, in the library in the old mansion, when you draw the last sketch(as roxas), what is that last one?
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    KH2 is #1 on the top ten list...

    how can kh2 NOT be #1? CURSE THIS STUPID 25 CHARACTER RULE!!!!
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    Least Favorite Charactor in KH2

    *dances around* ALL THE FF PEOPLE! ALL THOSE STUPID FF PEOPLE!!!! >=3
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    What Should've Been in KH2

    Ok, I know I'm going to sound like a TOTAL hypocrite, but I would have liked some, SOME non-Disney worlds, like, Balto, or...I don't know, but a Balto world would be kick ass. ^.~ Anyway, to get back on teh bandwagon... 1. More intense story, like KH1 2. LESS Ff characters. (too soon I'm going...
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    How do you get the glide ability. I've seen it on one of the Jiminy's Journal videos, but I haven't the slightest clue how to get it. Help is appreciated.(obviously xD)
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    Treasure Chests in Twilight Town

    I've seen some boxes that are only obtainable as Roxas, does that mean that they aren't able to be opened as Sora?
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    Riku(spoilers, so read at your own risk)

    thanks! *hits self for spoiling* but atleast now I know when to expect it! xD
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    er...I don't know how I even got pass it, I got through with luck, but have a full drive, have elxirs,potions, and ethers, have tron and goofy, and....pray that you win! xD
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    Riku(spoilers, so read at your own risk)

    Somewhere I've heard that it's possible to play as Riku. Is that possible, because I'm at the first fight with Xemnas. Sorry if it's in the wrong section, but the spoiler section is scawwy. xD
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    any "best" way to get final form?

    Am I too late to get it, because I'm at the first fight with Xemnas, when it's just Sora at the deep dive place, and i've just started teh battle, but can I still get it? and going into anti-form has something to do with it? crap...>.>
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    Setting things strait with drive forms

    yeah, one time I finished the Demyx fight in Hollow Bastion(sorry if it is a spoiler) and I was in Anti-Form. I wondered if the scene would be in anti-form, but it was just normal, so cutscenes following a battle, if you are in anti-form, you will be back to normal, so I believe.
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Deleted Scenes?!???

    Mufassa and Pongo as summons would make me VERY happy. Stinks that they weren't, though. I'd love it, and er....um....Sora was in his new clothes when the dusks attacked at the station.(probably said already, but trying to stay on topic. ^.^") Steamboatwillis, use teh edit button.
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    twilght thorn

    ^^ That's a good theory!
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    Orginazation XIII should be......

    Aw, leave the poor kid alone, he was just asking a question, and maybe he just couldn't remember at that second. >.>
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    FAQ:Bosses that Mickey can fight.

    Teh big dragon (StormRider) in Mulan's world.
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    this may sound stupid

    you mean passion-KINGDOM orchestra instrumental version. try bluelaguna, or go to the audio page for kh2 on www.kh2.co.uk
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    How long have you been glued to your TV? Maybe you need food for your brain to function properly. xD
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    any "best" way to get final form?

    Wat, wait, wait. Final form is like anti-form? as in, it's like, you get it, but you can't use it whenever you want? Like, it's not on the drive sub-menu?? O.o *remains confused* (partly because I'm not even in TWTNW yet, but will be soon)