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    Xbox 360

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the Xbox 360's capabilities or what some game's capabilities will be?
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    Suggest Some Online Games

    Ok I got bored of consoling can anyone recomend some great online games like FFXI?
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    Sims 2 University

    Has anyone played this?
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    GTA: San Andreas Mission Help

    Ok here you can post any help needed on GTA San Andreas. And people can help,as for me I need help on farewell my love... mission i get right at the end and a car wizzes by me how can i beat it?
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    Ff Xi

    Who has this game and plays it?Is it any good?
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    Gary Brolsma

    He's awesome at lip singer and you should watch his videos.If you've seen him what do u think of him?(Oh and guess who's back! lol)
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    Oddworld Strangers Wrath

    Has anyone besides me play this game?
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    Help on Final Fantasy 7

    Can someone tell me EXACTLY how to get a gold chocobo on Final Fantasy 7?
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    Legend of Zelda

    Ok same story as LoZ but your a team of Hyrulians fighting an army of evil lead by Ganondorf and the Ganon King guy. Name: Weapon: Fairy's Name: Bio: ---------------- Name:Blaze Weapon:Great Fairy Sword Fairy's Name:Blinky Bio:Link's son
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    I Have A Question

    I have a question why do some members have all their posts from the old forums and some don't?I don't know if this has been answered before.
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    Help on Ansem

    Can someone help me on Ansem?
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    Ok so there is this girl that I like and I know that she likes me but there's a problem her first boyfriend cheated on her a lot. Then her new boyfriend is cheating on her also. But if I told her it would hurt her badly and well she would never go out with her. And there is no way of contacting...
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    Is it a good game.Why or why not?
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    Knights of the Old Republic II

    Has anyone bought this game yet?Is it any good?
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    Why can't I

    Why can't I add an avatar or add a image as a signature?
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    Final Fantasy X

    Well you all know what it is Tidus is playing is playing a blitzball game in his home town of Zanarkand when Auron and Sin a.k.a(Jecht) come.And attack Zanarkand and Tidus is sent to Spira 10,000 or 1,000 years in the future can't remember and that's where we'll ppick up...
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    Someone having a problem logging in

    Sora's Other Side can't log in and reset their password and used the new one and won't work what can they do.
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    Rave Master

    A rp off Rave Master character needs: Name Age Weapon Ability ------- My character Name: Haru Glory Age: 17 Weapon: Dleta Force Sword Ability: Power of the Rave Stones
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    I try to go in a topic in general gaming and it says warning and stuff.How can it be fixed?and i know there might be topics on this but sorry in advance.
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    Help On Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

    Can u get other girlfriends than Denise?