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    axel fight

    Thanks for the tip. I just got on him actually. Im a SLOW gamer and I like to take time and enjoy the game. Larxene was a BITCH. Haha.
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    What's the big deal about KH2 anyway?

    Kingdom Hearts cured my cancer. Jk. But I just became drawn to it even since I first played it. Infact I had no interest in playing it until I decided that I wanted to see what it was about. So I rented it and such. I was hooked. I went and bought it and played it for 3 months straight. It...
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    The fake news, could some be true...?

    Well, I was going by what I heard in a gaming magazine awhile back. Maybe I was ill-informed.
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    The fake news, could some be true...?

    Yeah. Vincent and Tifa have not been seen yet, but I heard they are joining the KH2 cast. Vivi and Rikku ARE in KH2 seen in the new trailer.
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    ***please Read***

    First off, you really need to quit trashin' on everyone's theories. Thats why they are called THEORIES. Second off, we all know that BHK and Sora are connected somehow like you said. It doesnt make sense that the BHK is the result of Sora and Riku's shells. Alot of the things Grandmaster Chris...
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    Since I don't know what I'm talking about.....

    Dude, you really need to relax. Its just a game. Your guess is just as good as everyone elses. So dont go bashing others ideas.
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    *theory*of KH2 cover

    Yeah, ive noticed that alot of times. Its possible, but I dont think it is likely. It probably IS the Enigmatic Man (Ansem's Soul). Although it could also be the Order member with the Soul Eater.
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    Possible SPOILERS- New info from KHI

    I had a feeling it was alittle too far-fetched.
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    Possible SPOILERS- New info from KHI

    Roxas. Hmmm...well I guess its cool. Kinda exotic. Watch out ladies! Roxas Lupiez III is coming for you! (That is...if he was a spanish pimp.) Man, how do you get 3 important factors of YOU stripped away? Soul, Heart, and body. Thats insane. But it is also a great idea. I cant wait for this...