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    Hehe.. chocobo summons.. :)
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    At first, I thought he had a mullet.. *shudder* Imagine how that would be...
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    Personally, I thought he just looked stupid. I mean.. a GUITAR (i know its a sitar, but still) ? !?!? I can't help but laughing at him everytime I see him. His hair is pretty weird too. *snerk*
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    when does the demo come out?

    I totally agree with you.
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    How many hope the demo comes out soon.

    You ...you... you WEIRDO! I would've KILLED TO PLAY IT!!!! *bangs head on desk multiple times*
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    when does the demo come out?

    Sorry, i meant in the next issue of the magazine.
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    Well.. they DID make the game, so its not really their fault. They might say the same about us.. 'Stupid Americans, always get someof the games before us'.... or not..I could just be stupid.
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    remember the one at E3 with the PotC world? They reviewed that one, but we never got a trailer. Same thing could happen.
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    when does the demo come out?

    There's not going to be a demo in the magazine. KHU already announced that there wasn't going to be one.
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    Kingdom Hearts Final Mix

    eBay is your best bet.
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    What IS BHK's name?

    Wouldn't it be funny if Squeenix decided to go with something like Bee Aych Kay?
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    Okay here is my theory on the BHK.

    I'm starting to think KL only goes to these forums for the joy and satisfaction of flaming people who are posting their own opinions about Kingdom Hearts.... Nobody said you had to like it. And if you don't, that doesn't give you the right to go and be all rude and snobby to the person who...
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    Okay here is my theory on the BHK.

    It's not dumb, I think its really good. Did you think that maybe they agree with eachother BECAUSE its good? And they aren't spamming. You're the one that came here and posted a pointless reply. You didn't even give a reason WHY it's dumb. Anyways, back to the topic.. I completely agree with...
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    LOL Walmart is off by a few years!

    *dies laughing* If you think about it, it would be kinda fun... O_o
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    BHK is not wering rings but plasters!!!

    Warts... what the heck?! I think they are rings, and they're just plain awesome. Nomura always adds odd little details to the costume to make it even more COOL! Like mentioned above.. Sora's shoes.. and may I add? Riku's pants. yeah.. the puffy ones
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    Pirates of the Caribbean?

    I was like ' THIS ROCKS MY SOCKS OFF ALL THE WAY TO FRICKIN PLUTO ' And also.. people who don't like PotC clearly, have never seen it or they just dont know a good movie when they see it.. ha.
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    what was the most dramatic part of kh?

    Hm.. when Riku is sealed in Kingdom Hearts... it made my cry and still does everytime i watch it
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    New Organization member

    whats that he's holdin?
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    Haha funny KH2 Gif

    omg.. thats hilarious! "Well.. it sucks" bahah ;_; BAAHHA
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    did'nt aeris die in ff7?

    Kingdom Hearts is like an alternate universe from Final Fantasy, so maybe in this alternate universe, Aeris ( Aerith, whatever) didn't die. That answer it?