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    out of 10 how good was kh2

    Game overall- 7 Graphics- 9 Voice overs- 4 Story- 10 Play- 6 to easy even on hard
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    ya but let them its cute =p anyways this is the first time i have seen a new type of page that has not allrdy been said before
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    Riku revirse mode

    Ya later on in the game he says it was near the end i think
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    2-D vs 3-D

    3-D big time plus Voices man Its going to be good to put a voice to the 5 members with out them.
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    Lets hope it does and not move it to summer and well I kinda hope it hits late april or early May so that they can think of more stuff right now to add and what they say is true about the english voices which right now they are lets hope they are much beter then some/ most of kh2's
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    What I really want to see right now is just some new screenshots It feels good kinda like waiting for kh2 to come out again but this time with more stuff woot
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    omg! The secret ending finally makes sense!

    Just one thing before he says anything well the only reason roxas had the power to use the key blades was because he was the nobody of sora and he was givin that power And the diff. between Xehanort and Roxas is that roxas is a nobody and by what we can tell Xehanort was just a guy who wanted to...
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    omg! The secret ending finally makes sense!

    The whole Light, Darkness, Twilight and present stuff hase been around for a very long time when the first ideas for KH2 came out, even before i joined Now i do think its a great idea but for ya no proof right now to even start to prove it like u said. Everything eles ya
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    Poster Duty Time

    well if that is true and his time is right his is a beter way also Roxas- 48.1 Sora-28.42
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    When Axel says...

    personally I would say o shit im about to get my but kicked by Roxas and his two keyblades dang
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    Favorite Reaction Commands

    Heartless- kick back vs Large Body and Sparkle Ray in 1000 heartless battle Nobodies- learn, warp snipe, last stand Boss- Cerberus, Shadow Stalker/ Dark thorn
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    Sanctuary ~hyper mix~!!!

    humm wounder how this sounds wow this is like high and no remix its just wow
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    Final Form!! help me plz

    Im not sure what to say to this... hummm well since I thought it was random I will say this When I am training in the last lvl I go to forms and when I want to go to final its always there I dont know whats up with that but I allways use it when I drive is full ' I dont know if im lucky but ya
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    nope I like valor more then master myself Dont know why I think that in valor it takes a little more skill
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    Most Powerful Members, 1-13

    what the hell are you talking about!?! I know thats when they joined the org but I was saying my top three list Zexion Demyx Luxord
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    Most Powerful Members, 1-13

    no thats is all wrong Zexion and Demyx are both at the top then Luxord BUT Larxene is the lowest because she as what everone can see is a bitch dam
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    Alcohol? Wth?

    That my friends is stupid o well that shows that "moms" that have a BIG policy on thee age +10 should just let his or her child watch this movie for the love of god its Disney O well who cares its a rateing ok stop making threads on it OK! :D
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    For All Those People Who Dont Have KH2 Yet

    well im sorry to do this and I dont all the time so same here WOOT!! sorry im crazy for kh2 pops
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    For All Those People Who Dont Have KH2 Yet

    well before someone closes this there is a thread on this sorry to late You cant beat MuffinMans speed he is to fast Like a schoold boy and a kh2 game on the self of your closest EB games BAM sorry hehe
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Is Here !!!!!!!!!!!

    Well I will be playing Kh2 in just 1 hour and 30 mins I cant wait now