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    Just how much r u gona buy KH2 for?

    I'll buy it as soon as it comes out, which will most likely be $50. Forget the cash; it's the GAME that matters, lol.
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    It'd be awesome if you could team up with Cloud later on, taking on legions of HEartless or whatever. It'd be even better if you could fight with Cloud AND Leon! Kinda makes me wonder what that sidestory thing is, though...
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    kairi & sora

    People kiss in video games all the time. The worst they could do is change the rating of the game to Teen or whatever.
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    Axel or Ansem?

    Axel was harder to beat than Ansem, and I had a great time trying to beat him. Axel all the way, baby!
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    Light? Dark? Or Twilight?

    Twilight... Yep, definitely going with the twilight.
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    kairi & sora

    Why wouldn't Sora and Kairi meet in KH2? In ASAS and DD, wasn't there a phrase that says something like, "What took you so long, Kairi?" or something like that? Kairi and Sora HAVE to meet again; they're one of the biggest couples in the gaming world (or at least I think they are...).
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    FF to KH places

    I'd like to see Balamb Garden again, with Zell and maybe Irvine. It'd be pretty cool, I think.
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    advent children character in kh2?

    Kadaj just needs to stay in AC and never see the light of day again... That's my opinion and I'm stickin' to it. Cloud is the only AC character coming to KH2, unless Vincent is in there, right?
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    Castle Oblivion

    Well, I think that Castle Oblivion never really existed. In the beginning you see Namine sketching it out and then it appeared right where Kingdom Hearts was. So maybe even though Sora and the others went through Castle Oblivion and defeated the Organization, maybe the castle itself was never...
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    If KH2 has that create-your-own-Keyblade thing to it, then there will DEFINITELY be more choices to choose from. But besides that, you'll probably be able to get some of the same keyblades as KH, like Pumpkinhead or whatever. But since Jack is having that Christmas Town thing going on, maybe...
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    I don't believe BHK has a name.....

    BHK has to have a name. I mean, what would his friends call him? Blondie? Spiky? Strangely-dressed-psycho-kid-with-two-really-powerful-weapons? He'll have a name, SE just hasn't released it yet.
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    KH2 you can make your own keyblades.

    Yeah, you gotta admit that is true. I mean, that information came out well over a year ago. They could have completely scrapped the idea for another one. We can only hope...
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    KH2 you can make your own keyblades.

    To be completely honest, that's stort of old news, though I won't condone the fact that I love the idea of creating my own keyblade. Maybe a combination of Oblivion and Ultima Weapon, or maybe Oathkeeper.... Actually, I'd simply just go for a keyblade similar to Cloud's Buster Sword... or...
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    Who is going to be your favorite character in kh2

    Cloud and Axel for me. I wanna fight Cloud again... and I'd like to beat Axel's pixelized ass... oh, happy day.
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    FF Cameos in KH2

    I'd say that I'd like to see Sephiroth come back for a rematch with Cloud and/or Sora. After all, they do have some unfinished business to attend to... And also for the fact that Sephiroth is one of the, if not the, greatest villians of all freakin' time.
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    Dark Master Chronicles: Past Stories

    Okay, this is the first role-play on KHI that I have organized. This is yet another continuation of the Past Stories saga, developed by the lovely and talented Madame Destati, BUT this is my creation. I got her permission to do this, so here we go. Oh, and those who were a part of the Darkest...
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    It's been bothering me!!!

    Riku pretty much figured that the only way he could help was if he stayed in the darkness and help Sora close the door. He even told Sora to take care of Kairi even though he is attracted to her. I think it was a very noble sacrifice, but maybe I'm being just a tad bit mushy, eh?
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    my friend said she cried on some parts of KH1, did u?

    Since everybody is being open with their feelings, I first cried when I beat Maleficent Dragon because it was way too freakin' hard, then I cried when I beat Riku II cause it was WAY too hard as well, and then I finally cried when I saw the scene after the Riku II battle. I also cried soon...
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    Where will KH2 start in?

    I think it'll just be Twilight Town and then wherever from there. You might not have to go to Hollow Bastion til a little ways into the game. But then again, who really knows, eh?
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    sora's clothes in steam boat

    So I would suppose that if the clothes he wears in Steamboat Willie are his normal, "light" clothes, then what Sora dawns for the majority of KH2 is in some way connected to the Twilight? You know, like Riku said at the end of RV/RB when he chose to take the middle, the twilit path?