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    Sora's voice (Osment's voice)

    Well, since Haley Joel Osment's voice grew much deeper, would his voice kinda sound a little outdated for what should be Sora's original voice? Unless they convince us he has a sore throat or something.
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    Poster Duty (TT)

    Thank you! I took a completely different route from that and could only go 31.34 seconds.
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    Kh2 ultimate codes

    It all depends on how you use the code. Some people are just using them for fun so there's no real reason to knock it.
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    About Setzer

    How do you play against Setzer. Whenever I go to Twighlight Town and try to battle him, the man tell me I don't have enough experience for Seifer, much less Setzer.
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    He matured(personality-wise) a LOT more too. I seriously can't find the childishness people see in him. I see a fun loving person but people seem to forget he's still 14. Do you expect him to start becoming Sephiroth through one age difference.
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    Disney has no association in the making of the video game (I got this from a Disney rep himself). All they do is sign over their rights to Square-Enix for theproduction of the game and then Square can do whatever they please with the game. Disney has literally NOTHING to do with Kingdom Hearts...
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    Roxas is Crazy!

    When did anyone say Roxas time with Organization XIII shor? We don't know exactly how long was it so I wish you all would stop saying that. Besides, a week is long enough to make a long and steady game. I like the idea as long as they sneak Sora in there somewhere as well.
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    I beat him at level 75 and with the skin of my teeth. I enabled Beserk and I couldn't get a combo and I was soooo angry but as soon as the MP came back I shook his moves and attacked him before his dark angel move and won!!! This was yesterday.
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    So Sora isn't in the sequel of KH2?

    Sora, Riku, and Kairi will be in the next KH for sure because Plus, this isn't even FF, Kingdom Hearts IS Sora and the gang.
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    What main character do you think has improved on Kh2?

    I think everyone had their fair share of changes but in the end I voted for Kairi. Even though I never seen any damsel in distress signals coming from her (people seem to forget that dived into a rampage of heartless to save a heartless that she didn't even know was Sora or not. She could've...
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    Jesse McCrtney in KH2?

    LOL! Genie is Home?!?!?! Anyway, I know all about the voiceovers for the show. On youtube they give interviews for majority of them.
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    poster duty

    Why did you get the attitude? We're here to talk about KH2 and this is right on topic. Some people got different interest they want to talk about and if you can't respect that then you'll have to find another board where everyone is just like you. Happy hunting, Sebastion (not the crab, I get...
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    Never land and tarzan

    I think Atlantica in KH2 was a element of bringing more type of things to do in the game, besides, it was optional. The whole musical idea was pretty creative to me and I enjoyed playing it in KH2. In KH1 it would soooo trouble some but after I beat the game, I liked going back and forth to swim...
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    Other Nobodies

    I didn't mean to sound so certain, I'm so lost. I suspected he was talking about The World That Never Was but Twighlight Town seem more possible because Namine and Roxas was in TT. Didn't the princesses lose their too? If so, do they have nobodies?
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    This has bugged me

    I already said it. Heartless have physical hearts, not real ones. Their hearts are just the physical form of the darkness. What came out was darkness of hearts. It's just in the same form as a heart.
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    port royal

    The different graphics were used so that people who didn't know much about Pirates of the Caribbean know that it was a live-action movie, which made everything exceptable by me. I loved the world though. The 2nd time around wasn't nearly as fun but still...
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    Valor or Wisdom?

    Trust me, wisdom will come in handy (especially against Xaldin).
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    Your fastest completion time?

    Cutscenes or not, I think traveling through all the worlds without one swing is at least a decent 3 hours worth. It sounds too impossible but I'm not going to accuse you of lying, I believe you but I'm too shocked for words.
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    Valor or Wisdom?

    I voted for Valor but when I think about it, Wisdom is a much better choice. Besides the cool blue and the gliding and stuff, the best thing about it is that it's helpful in all fight because it's a long range mode, Valor is only helpful at select moments.