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    Super Smash Bros. Brawl ripped off music from Zazie!

    Judge for yourself. Listen up to :57 of Zazie's Tout Le Monde (Amazing song BTW!) SckMHVfpkJk Now, listen to the first part of the SSBB menu music: QzV6J1MgxCc Sounds very similar. Pay close attention to the trumpet sound in both songs. Maybe the composers didn't think anyone would notice?
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    KH Coded- Really important?

    Guys, each of these new games have some sort of relevance. Coded seems to be the least relevant, but it will still have a connection to KH3.
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    Birth By Sleep!

    I am not too thrilled about the game using the card system, but I will play it first before I give my final thought.
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    Will there be a KH3, and when will it come out?

    Remember, the team won't be finished with Final Fantasy Versus XIII until at least 2010 and then they will start development on KH3. The process of development could take at least 3 years or less. I think KH3 will be out by 2013.
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    Will there be a KH3, and when will it come out?

    2010 and 2011 is a little too early. The team won't even start development until at least 2010, not to mention the development process will take at least 3 years.
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    Will there be a KH3, and when will it come out?

    Anyone who thinks KH3 will be released by 2009, 2010, or even 2011 for that matter needs to think again. They won't even start development until at least 2010 because they are still busy working on Final Fantasy Versus XIII. The development process will probably take at least 3 years or less so...
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    Will there be a KH3, and when will it come out?

    Yes, there will be a KH3, but it won't be out for a long time. The KH Team is busy developing Final Fantasy Versus XIII right now so they will start developing KH3 once they are done, which will probably be in 2010. Since KH3 will take about 2.5-3 years to develop, I think it'll be released by...
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    A question about Coded...

    The reason the first KH mobile phone game was bad was because it was only developed by Disney and not SE. Coded definitely looks good and it is sure to be a great game. However, there is a low chance of it being released outside of JP. Most mobile phone games don't get released anywhere besides...
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    birth by sleep relese date

    Well, of course they don't know. They don't even know when they will release it in JP so they can't provide a release date for the US yet. I hope it gets to the US by Fall of '09 though.
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    How long do you want KH3 to be?

    I am personally hoping it is at least 40+ hours long. What about you guys?
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    I'm thinking of getting KH: COM

    I personally didn't like the card system and I don't recommend you play it. I think you should either read the script online or read the manga.
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    358/2 what does the 2 mean

    No one knows for sure, but Nomura said we will understand the title after we play the game.
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    Who else hopes for a Maleficent boss fight in BBS and in KH3?

    Or it could be that we fight her as Ven or maybe Aqua. Although, the chances are that we will fight her as Terra.
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    bbs jump festa trailer

    Guys, chill out. The game is still in development and will most likely still be in development until the end of the year so I doubt they'd release an official trailer at this point. They will probably release one by the end of the year like I said.
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    Who else hopes for a Maleficent boss fight in BBS and in KH3?

    I really wanted to fight Maleficent in KH2, but she wasn't a boss. Hopefully, we will get to fight her in KH: BBS and also in KH3. Here is what I hope happens: BBS- Dragon Maleficent fight KH3- Boss fight in normal form, but more challenging than in KH1 Is anyone else hoping to fight...
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    bbs jump festa trailer

    Guys, that trailer was only meant to be shown in that closed theater and isn't going to be shown elsewhere. We should get an official trailer of the game by the end of year.
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    Will they ever put in these kinds of worlds?

    Okay, I remember Nomura said that he doesn't want to put Disney worlds in KH that are based off of Disney TV shows or straight-to-dvd movies, but do you think they might put in a world based off of a movie that was a TV show first? For example, Ducktales was a series and they made a movie based...
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    Sneak preview for KH3 in BBS?

    Or maybe the preview will be in both games.
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    Sneak preview for KH3 in BBS?

    Since this will have a connection to KH3, I think a preview for the game would be a good thing.
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    Sneak preview for KH3 in BBS?

    Does anyone else hope that at the end of BBS, after the ending credits, they will have a secret movie previewing KH3? I certainly hope they put one in!