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    Skip School for Kingdom Hearts 2?!

    I'm on Spring break so I can get it when I want XP
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Is Here !!!!!!!!!!!

    What stores are you buying from? cuz I went to the best buy by my house and they said they would be expecting April 1st.
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    Drives? Or co-ops?

    Drives rule.period.
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    What if KHII got delayed

    The earth would never be the same again.
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    valor/wisdom question

    I know you recieve one of them before the other at the mysterious tower, but what determines which one you get? Sorry if this has been asked before.
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    kh2 demo

    kh2 costumes....hahaha
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    New co-ops?!?!

    That looks kind of weird right? I mean sora has a keyblade in his mouth.
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    New pictures?

    yeh, Iv'e seen this stuff b4.
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    im scared

    Whoa. Scary. Haha, a mind of it's own.
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    favorite kh2 trailer

    I like the E3 trailer.
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    should i buy it or pre order it

    Definetle preorder. You never know what could happen.
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    keychains from kh1

    Who knows, maybe we'll even get the diamond dust and one winged angel keychains somewhere along the line.:)
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    whats the deal with pete

    I don't think Maleficent is going to be the head honcho anymore since we killed her once, but then she supposedly came back, yada yada yada. I just hope we don't have to kill her again.
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    Disney mag...so sad -_-'

    that's so stupid, I mean how they call that "new" info.?
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    My Theory

    If Riku dies in the end, then there probably won't be another game since the whole idea of sora traveling with donald and goofy was to find riku and kairi.
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    2 HOT info

    But wait!!! Mickey's keyblade is the inverted version of Sora's so maybe that means he is the opposite of Sora!!! Ah forget it! Anyways, great theory.
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    KH2 info king

    Shouldn't this be somplace else?
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    The 10 postcards

    I think the tenth postcard was a power up, but besides that all you get is a thank you.
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    Listen Up Peoples!!!!!!!!!

    Cool. Thanks oblivion seeker!