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    Lion King World Officially In KH2 ( Scan )

    Oh my gosh, Sora is so cute!! This is going to be very interesting...
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    Was chain of memories really neccessary?

    It wasn't neccessary. The only original part of the CoM storyline was the Riku story line, and the organization, which doesn't even really matter considering Sora forgets everything that happened on CoM. Not really a point.
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Realese confirmed ( For Japan )

    It'd better come out before Christmas or I might have to buy it myself x.x don't want that to happen. Anyway, I keep hearing the whole "simultaneous" release date thing, and I wonder how far apart the Japanese version and the North American version will be released. A day, A week, a month? If...
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    wakka &selphie?????????

    The wakka look-alike is in agrabah as a store keeper person. I think he's in the place gates area, right?
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    hey does ne1 know that karii's feet r hecka big

    I used to have shoes like that... *twitches*... Sora's feet on the cover of the CoM box really kinda freak me out. THEY'RE HUGE, like the length of the keyblade huge.
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    Tokyo Game Show 05

    I'm pretty sure TGS is from September 14- September 16. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. But I really hope that we get something... like a trailer... or a release date...
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    KH2 Poster?

    I definitely (grrg... I HATE that word) think it has the potential. I mean, I think there're only two pictures that have all the KHII characters like that, so it's a 50% chance. I would really like the SE Party poster to be the cover... so pretty *shiny eyes* :D
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    Kingdom Heats 2 Special Edition

    yeah it's a lot more fun if you just use the strategy guide to finish just sidequests and other stuff. But I might actually get the special edition and just not look at the guide until I've finished the actual game.
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    Bhk Poll

    I sorta don't know what to think, I mean, Sora and BHK obviously are connected in someway, but it might just be the fact that they both weild keyblades. Or they might be half of each others' hearts, but that still doesn't explain why BHK has two keyblades and Sora only has one. Who knows...
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    Square Press conference

    Man, I hate the anticipation, but I love it... crap, now I'm confuzzled. >.<; I'm gonna have so many issues sleeping tonight. I hope when I wake up tomorrow they have the official release date (Having a Japanese release date would be great, but an American release date would make me...
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    What kind of ending do you think KH2 will have?

    I either want super cheesy romance or super sad crying. So basically neutral. I wouldn't mind if it was happy, but still had a few open plot lines for a third game (I just hope they don't make us wait another three years if that happens).
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    Kingdom Heats 2 Special Edition

    My parents promised me that they'd buy me kingdom hearts (why, you ask? I'm broke) and my dad has this freaky thing bout strategy guides (calls it cheating. I say whatever) So I'm getting the normal $50 version, then I'll get the strategy guide after I actually beat the game. Maybe I'll get...
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    It's not a 30sec Trailer

    awesome... I wonder when we're gonna get information from the party. *sits in front of computer screen and waits patiently* I hope the trailer is good!
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    Do you think you should be able to alter Sora's look?

    Yeah, adding accessories would be awesome but it would be kinda scary and out of context if Sora got all bruised and stuff cause then they would have to bruise Goofy and Donald.
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    Anything in Kingdom Hearts creep you out?

    One of the things that scared me the most was the first time I tried to fight sephiroth and he comes out with the music blaring and the long sword and OMG I DIED IN TWO HITS!!! *shudders* Also what creeped me out was Sora's smile when he was about to stab himself in hollow bastion... icky!
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    I joined about five monthes ago, but I never got to post. I've been reading the forums here for a while, but I've always been afraid of joining (I've seen how some of the noobs get pounded). So basically, I just don't wanna screw up. Any advice on what not to do? Oh yeah, and is it possible...
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    Square Enix or Disney?

    Personally, I would rather Square own the original characters, but I pretty sure that Disney owns all of them.
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    at what level did you beat the game

    I beat it at level 68 the first time, 57 the second, and 100 the third. My dad beat it at 64 about a month before I started (I got it for christmas the year it came out and my dad got addicted to it. It took me two months to get it back...).