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    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    When sora was singing in atlantica. I was like, is this KH2, saving worlds, using the power of the mighty keyblade to defeat darkness & find my friends in an epic tale, or do a gay little dance & sing while the worlds are in deep trouble. i waited until i got to the final battle wit xemnas to...
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    Actually, in one of the ansem reports in KH2, DiZ stated that namine moved it to get it out of the reach of Organization XIII. that's why it's in the haunted mansion
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    BbS: Keyblade Training Academy

    Terra walked into the "KTA" & noticed some other people training with their masters. Terra continued to think of MX & DS. He was bored & decided to have a quick match with some of the other keyblade weilders before he attempted to set off to the gathering place to find Master Xehanort. He went...
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    BBS enemies

    I still think that their hearts of keyblades consumed by darkness... I know you might ask: "If that's true then where's their body & soul?" Well, i think that the body & soul left behind are the keyblades that are in the gathering place. When a keyblade's heart is consumed by darkness, then the...
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    Theory: I believe the DS is the alpha and omega, no one else.

    I think someone said this theory before, but it's still nice. You lacked some proof on the part where you said Ven was the same being as the "thing". Wouldn't he have to possess someone for him to be a "thing"?
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    Demon of the dark

    In the trailer summary of BbS, MX talked with Terra at the gathering place. due to a translation (I'll try to find & post it soon) i found out that MX told Terra: "He is a demon of the dark who must be stopped..." I didn't get it...So then, one day I was bored & was playing KH: CoM (gameboy...
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    It's good but dosen't really have too much proof to back it up. I personally think that DS is one of MX's experiments with Terra's body & MX's heart. Maybe that's why Xehanort unscrambled is" NO HEART X". So with Terra's body, DS has Terra's hairstyle & facial features, but MX's heart inside him...
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    Interesting AtW Info..??!

    Good point, Riku. Another thing, when DiZ took his bandages off his head in The world that never was, his face sizled, like steam came off too. Then he became light skinned again...what do you guys think about that?
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    KH2:Final Mix question

    but you could just use movie mode...right?
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    KH2:Final Mix question

    Hello. I just recently got FM+ through the mail. I just wanted to know, when you start, can you somehow upload your save data from KH2 & be on the same level & have the same stats? Cause i kinda don't want to re-do the whole game... (I just wanna fight terra & the rest of the org o_ o)
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    Birth by Sleep

    Um...no. If that were the case, sir, nomura could've named the game "some knights fighting". Exactly what i was gonna say...The name means something.
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    Is there any possibility that...

    If Riku got possesed by Xehanort, could that possibly mean that while Xehanort was within riku, a part of him was left in there? Remember on C.o.M. Ansem always says that his shadow is still in riku's heart. What if riku's "heartless" is.......damn i lost myself. -_-
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    BBS multiplayer mode?

    Considering game sharing & the Wi-Fi multiplayer games out there (people with a PSP know what I'm talking about), they might. If so, maybe you can team up with up to three people & take control of Terra, Aqua & Ven in a co-op story mode. Maybe even playing with people from over the world. only...
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    A BbS Theory You Won't Have Time to Read

    When did MX say this? Is this from a scan or something?
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    14th member idea

    DING DING DING. They're all correct. Blow this thread up o_o
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    names in BBS

    Exactly my thought. If there's someone in KH2 named "Hi" which is fire in japanese, then there might be a possibility. Then again, everyone thinks DS has a connection to riku...if he does, DS's name would be Terra. Then there's yannis's quote...so my coclusion is: Maybe ignis is axel's...
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    names in BBS

    Exactly my thought. If there's someone in KH2 named "Hi" which is fire in japanese, then there might be a possibility. Then again, everyone thinks DS has a connection to riku...if he does, DS's name would be Terra.
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    MX's keybalde

    Does anyone have a picture of MX's keyblade? Anytime i try to pause it on youtube, its blurry >_<; I already know how the handle looks, but i need the blade part & the tip. Thanks.
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    Crossroad theories

    Riku: So, what choice do I have to make now? DiZ: Which road do you choose to walk? Light, or Dark? Riku: Neither. I'm taking the middle road. DiZ: You mean the sunlit road to eternal nightfall? Riku: No. The Road to Twilight. When i first beat Rverse-Rebirth...this wasn't too important...
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    The all black keyblade

    Does anyone have a pic or creenshot of the all black keyblade from BbS?