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    I just need a picture of KHII Riku. I'm not sure if this is in the right forum, so please don't flame. :) If anyone knows where I can get one, I would really like it. I already tried google, but it just shows pictures of him from the first game, or cosplays, or the picture of him with a the...
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    They told me April 1st...should I?

    You know...you could've stated that in a much nicer way. I don't know who shoved the bug up your ass today. I was just curious if there was a way that I could get it earlier.
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    They told me April 1st...should I?

    I pre-ordered my copy of KHII and Game Stop told me to come pick it up April 1st. But the thing is, it comes out tomorrow! Should I really wait until the 1st, or should I just say "screw it" and get it tomorrow, its actual release date? I'm just going to go to them to see if they have it...
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    Skip School for Kingdom Hearts 2?!

    I'm on Spring Break. I don't need to skip! :)
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    Any news on Sanctuary?

    I know that KH II is coming out in about a month. I'm surprised we haven't heard anything about the english version of "Passion" yet, or as we're going to see it as, "Sanctuary". Has anyone heard any news about the english version yet? I heard "Passion" came from the english version, meaning...
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    The true meaning of "Kingdom Hearts"

    Kingdom = Ruling Over The door to the light is the Kingdom of Hearts. The ruling place where all hearts come from. It is shadow that ruins those things. Those who have an ultimate reign for power. The light in the untarnished souls of children is the only true hope of bringing light in from a...
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    english version of passion, REVEALED!!!

    I want to see how the english version will be. I think it'll be interesting. I love how they put a bit of rock sound into "Passion" from the opening video. That line where she says "My heart's a battle ground" = the best.
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    Passion Discussion Thread

    I wish I could get the KH II opening video to work. I need DivX and it won't install on this stupid computer...
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    Cast for KH2

    I already knew some of those...
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    About to Crack? C:

    Don't cave in. Stick to the element of surprise.
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    Sephiroth's role in KH2?

    I never knew you saw a fight scene between Cloud and Sephiroth after you beat him...I thought that was only in Final Mix. Just like how you can only view "Deep Dive: Another Side, Another Story" in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix.
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    English "Passion"

    Thanks! :) I'm trying to listen to the song while figuering out the lyrics. Very nice stuff.
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    English "Passion"

    :) Thank you.
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    English "Passion"

    Okay. I don't know who shoved the bug up your ass today, but you could be a little kinder about it. I looked, and this site only has Passion in japanese...
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    English "Passion"

    Is there an english version of "Passion" yet? Or at least a place with the english lyrics? I know this site has the roughly translated 40 second part, but I want the full english translation lyrics.
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    Signature size?

    What is the signature limit?