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    Help/Support ► Anyone simple question then Im gone for awhile again

    try asking her out on a date if she says yes then she has feelings for u too if no then im sorry look for someone else, youll never know until u try
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    thanks for the info
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    Does anyone have a picture of kairi's grandmother cuz ive heard that she came out in Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ right???? cuz i dont have that game and i was wondering how she looks and sorry if any of this info is wrong :blush:
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    XION playable

    there was another thread about the same topic, anyways i think she will be
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    xion question

    we dont truly know if its fake, we just that riku claims it to be a fake
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    Hardest Boss

    Sephiroth he took me the longest to beat
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    Will be able to play as

    we are supposed to be able to play all of them
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    Secret,unlockable scenario?

    it would be cool,i doubt it, but i rather the other 3 to be long instead having a 4th and making all storyline short
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    Why was Sora such a weak heartless

    i agree with InfiniteTwilight, it makes sense
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    Mickey Unlockable Scenario?

    it would be cool if u could unlock mickey but i highly doubt it cuz that means that the other 3 scernarios would have to be shorter which would not be cool
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    Who is this

    who do u think this girl??? ive heard its the beta version of kairi and they decided not to use her, others say she might be in kh3 if it ever comes out. i wanna know wat u think