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    Hundred Acre Woods

    did you go to the dalmation house and get the present from the dogs? and no it doesn't help with the spot. you can get the pages in any order.
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    Can someone find me a picture of ANTI_FORM?

    hes a pic of anti form sora anti form i used yahoo to find it. put anti sora in the seach bar.
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    How hard is it on proud mode?

    easy for both kinds of players, you just need to lvl up more. or if your really good just lvl up as you go to each world.
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    Titan Cup...5000 POINTS?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!??!

    summon stitch twice pre match, use limit, square twice and triangle once. don't worry about the drive gauge, it goes up after each match. this works for all cups.
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    Ultima Weapon

    and not the mystery goo. there is no mushrooms in traverse town.
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    Hundred Acre Woods

    agrabah-dark chamber monstro-chamber 6 halloween town-lab atlantica-aeril's grotto travsre town- 51 damations there thats all the places to get the torn pages.
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    Who's hair is better?

    riku and sephiroth are the best i say.