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    Triple Wielding or Quadruple Wielding?

    I'm not clear on why Roxas and Xion wouldn't be able to provide Keyblades the way Sora did. Sora started out using Riku's Keyblade, which he could only wield due to Ventus's influence, but he became attuned to it, very similar to how Roxas and Xion began growing their own hearts and became...
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    Is it easy to 100% complete KH3D?

    It took me two years to max all the affinities and get all the special portals. I *finally* started on my Critical Mode playthrough a few months ago. I threw so gotdang many balloons while waiting for stoplights, taking long car trips, sleeping, etc. I deeply, deeply don't want that system in...
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    Any sort of Ultimania for BBSFM?

    Does anyone know if there is any sort of Ultimania or Ultimania-like source for BBSFM, covering the new additions? I'm specifically interested in if there are official names for Xehanort, No Heart, Armor of the Master, and Vanitas Remnant's techniques. If there's not an Ultimania, is this...
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    Why didn't Riku use his own keyblade vs Roxas?

    Just making a few quick notes here: The Ultimania states pretty explicitly that the Soul Eater is the vessel for Riku's keyblade, and Nomura says pretty clearly that Keyblades "don't appear out of nowhere". The implication of that is very clearly "the Soul Eater was turning into the Way to the...
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    News ► Dengeki Interview with Tetsuya Nomura Finally Surfaces!

    Would you happen to have a link to the "Unbirth" usages? That would be important to note if we can verify it.
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    News ► Dengeki Interview with Tetsuya Nomura Finally Surfaces!

    Just wanted to put it out there that the Dengeki interview spells out the name "Dark Seeker" (not Seeker of Darkness) in English. Not even in katakana, in English. So, just a minor correction to the translation.
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    KH3D Pre-Order Bonus!

    Here's the screen.
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    KH3D Pre-Order Bonus!

    Yeah...I know the guy, he knew I wasn't preordering the game there, and I took a picture of the actual computer screen (which I will post as soon as I get home). He also told me that Gamestop calling it a "Collector's Edition" was just due to the AR cards, and not any special features...so I'm...
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    KH3D Pre-Order Bonus!

    According to Gamestop, these are NOT Preorder Bonuses, and are just bundled with the game. I'll upload the picture later, but the game is listed in Gamestop's server as "KINGDOM HEARTS 3D CE WITH AR CARDS", and it is only called "CE" because it contains the AR Cards. There is no "non-CE"...
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    Nomura Interview in Famitsu Translated!

    How come the Rare Spirits's names keep being translated so oddly? Kingdanyan Kumada Dai-circus (pun on the Kenoshita Dai Circus) Nekuboy/Nekubboi
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    KH3D in VJump with New Dream Eaters and Screens!

    As a rough translation, its name could mean "Bear-da Bigcircus". Honestly the double "da" are weird.
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    KH3D in VJump with New Dream Eaters and Screens!

    The Kingdanyan, Kumada Daisaakasu, and Nekubboi are three AR card Dream Eaters. If I am reading it correctly, they're the ones that come with the special 3DS. The Nekubboi is a special Hebi Tokage, I believe.
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    New KHBBSFM NO heart boss scans

    They contradict what you believe about the story. Even the Lingering Sentiment fight in KHII was eventually proven canon. If the Mysterious Figure appears before the final battle at KG (as it does according to the completely unlocked gameplay), then it's just as canon as any other optional...
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    New KHBBSFM NO heart boss scans

    In all honesty, there is never reason to believe ''anything'' is noncanon in these games. Sora clearing the Hades Cup was mentioned in KHII and Days, Kurt Zisa was referenced as a memory of Sora in Xion's third form, and Nomura explicitly said that Unknown was canon before BbS even came out in...
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    BBSfm site update

    Haven't we known about this for a while, though?
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    Birth by Sleep Keyblades

    I've posted a translation of the Japanese stats, requirements, and descriptions at Forum:BBS Keyblade Names - Kingdom Hearts Wiki - A world of information not accessible by Gummiship I will have the character blades up soon.
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    Birth by Sleep Keyblades

    I don't know how to resize these. Could an admin please fix it? Ultima Weapon Delicious Tower thanks to Nhigirl.
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    Birth by Sleep Keyblades

    There's not a whole lot I can do about that, if you are pointing at me. But those are the official names.
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    Birth by Sleep Keyblades

    The translations are: Terra: *Earth Shaker (Default) *Gaia Bane (Final Battle) *Chaos Reaper (Ultimate) Aqua: *Rain Fall (Default) *Destiny Place (Friend/Kairi) *Rain Storm (Final Battle) *Bright Crest (Ultimate) Ventus: *Fresh Breeze (Default) *Rascal Flame (Friend/Lea) *Lost Memory...
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    Devil's Advocacy

    Over the time period I have been here, it has become somewhat easy to predict how everyone, especially me, will argue for a certain topic. Therefore, I propose that we, as a "community", pick a certain topic (you can choose one here), and try to argue as persuasively as we can for the other...