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  1. J

    how do i beat the parasite cage 2

    i just attacked him head on and healed appropriately. the acid hurts a lot so be careful, i do not actually remember being hit by poison, maybe that is only if you go to the platforms?
  2. J

    Training Time!

    i got to lv 21, and then decided it was time to poke a few heartless, but destiny islans is the best place to train really til agrabah, because traverse town (dam i missed it in kh2), leavin g at lv 7 or so makes the game harder, while leaving at 20+ makes it really easy. those people who make...
  3. J

    How to get...?

    you could just go to disney caste, the hall of the cornerstone, then use your summon/drive, then walk through the door, and repeat, i use this tactic to get antiform in my next battle.
  4. J

    final form

    any time after roxas and sora's fight, when you drive with more than 5 drive gauges there is a chance to hit final, as for a higher chnace against org members, i dont think so, that only seems to apply with antiform (ive only ever hit final against xigbar once, i mostly hit antiform against that...
  5. J

    How long did you guys wait

    lets see... finished kh1, drooled over the "another side another story", a few weeks later, drooled over "deep dive". Then waited what seemed forever for kh2 to come out in europe, so irst day it came out over here.
  6. J

    who does "DIZ" think he is plus other points

    playing through the beggining part of kh2 again, and i realise what an idiot diz is, i cant even work out why he is doing most of the things he does. 1. it was sora's mind not power that was in turmoil so there was no need to capture roxas AND wipe his mind blank. 2. who is he to say who or what...
  7. J

    sea salt ice cream

    what is square trying to say, that if you carry around a lolly that takes over -20 degrees centigrade it wont melt. that ducks like the taste of salt. that salt is good for you? also how did 1 ice lolly last in their pockets along with jagged crystal pieces and weapons, not only wont it melt it...
  8. J

    drizzt do'urden books

    wondering who else reads the books about this drow and what you think of them
  9. J

    Malificent and Pete ?????

    i just hope that pete isn' the repeated boss in the next game by the way did any of you notice that during the "heroic cutscene" with pete and maleficant at TWTNW heartless are walking up the platforms, then when they appear, in the backdrop there is no heartless, so in other words they just...
  10. J

    Oblivion's powers

    its just a castle in the middle of nowhere nothing more or less, namine is the reason for the memory loss, not the castle itself. but why we were forced to play card games is beyond me.
  11. J

    Sora losing all abilities

    well i guess this happens a lot on computer game series' *jabs a finger at FFX-2*
  12. J

    Sora losing all abilities

    then she didn't really give him a fair deal, "here is 75% of your memories back, i couldn't be arsed with the 2ther 25% specifically your skills".
  13. J

    Sora losing all abilities

    i can understand why he lost his abilities as he went further up because he was losing his past experiances, but not when he first entered the castle, they did tha most likely because otherwise the game would be too easy. KH2 on the other hand...... thats just retarded as he was meant to get all...
  14. J

    Is Namine evil?

    i dont think she was evil, she seemed kind of forced to, but she puts his memories back so no problems there, maybe they feel like they have hearts because their original selves still existed so they got their emothions form them (sora and kairi)
  15. J

    file converters

    i was wondering if anyone knew where i could download a full (not trial version) of either a VOB to a wmp file, for movies somebody help please!!!!
  16. J

    the meaning of a potato

    have you ever looked at a potato lately and wondered why? what is the purpose a potato has, it just sits out there, waiting to be turned into chips. do they have feelings of their own? and why arn't they green like everything else... did they just want to be special.. this is one of the few...
  17. J

    kh2 twilight town music

    the kh2 one i think is softer and less jagged which is good with the field map, but not great with the battle theme, i think the new one is just bland, i would get the com version for myself but i no longer have the rom or game files, and i really do not wish to go back through com for one song.
  18. J

    kh2 twilight town music

    who prefered the old twilight town music on com? the battle theme sounds a lot better too, dis anyone else notice the difference?
  19. J

    speed bosses

    we all like challenges right?... was comsidering a competition to see who could kill bosses the fastest. heres an easy to beat one - 22:06 xenmas (last boss- skipped all scenes)
  20. J

    manipulated dialogues

    i was thinking, if you changed the games dialogue and changed these word the game's story would be one of the worst encountered "heart" = pineapple "darkness" = turnip "light" = cheese "organisation XIII" = fire brigade i just thought id make this as it came to me, quite senseless but true.