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    Why does everyone like Axel?

    At first I didn't like him when I first played COM on my GBA. But then Kh2 came out and i was like wow where has this guy been my whole life.
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    Yea..that when Roxas said that it kind of ruined the whole game for me.
  3. Z

    Who is more epic

    Sora. It was more dramatic. Although I do think Ven is way cooler than Sora will ever be.
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    Help/Support ► Am I going to be like this forever?

    I like singing too xD. But ya im okay at it I used to suck but all I did was what everyone else said "practice" :]
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    Am I the only one...

    The only thing I enjoyed in Re:Com were the boss battles. I abousltly hate how boring this game is though. Its just so repetitive :/. At first I didn't really mind but after awhile...oh man. Riku mode was actually fun to me though. I didn't care that the was no story in the worlds. The disney...
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    So now what do you think of BBS coming to USA?

    What kind of question is this? What do I think? Im freakin stoked! Finally were getting a good KH game. If its not better than days was im losing all hope in everything.
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    What struck you as odd?..

    Like this LOL
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    What struck you as odd?..

    I found it odd that peoples hearts looked like Valentine hearts.
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    You're playing the game wrong.

    I can button mash ALLL i want and there aint nutin you can do about it. LOL. Hopefully BBS is more in dept and less mashing though. I would enjoy that.
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    Help/Support ► How can I get taller?

    The only thing I can think of that will make you taller is standing up straight. To do that start working on those back muscles. Also streching helps a bit. I went from 5"6 to 5"9 just by starting to stand up straight. Also if your 14 you still have alot of time to grow. Unless you hit...
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    did you notice Xion's magic?

    When I played thats all she used and it was really annoying. Man I hate her so much lol.
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    What struck you as odd?..

    I found it odd that Sora and Riku's parents didn't noticed them gone for more than a year. I wonder how they reacted when they got back. "Where have you been Sora" "oh just saving the worlds from heartless"
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    the voice.....

    I never knew it was Mickey. I was guessing it would be Ven. Even though Ven wasn't even thought of when KH was made.
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    What do you think of the user above?

    Title says it all. Just say what you think of the above user. Nothing rude though, it has to be semi nice. PS. I don't know if this thread has been made before. Sorry if it has.
  15. Z

    CODED may not come to the U.S

    It means the guy who voices Jimminy doesn't know if coded if will be released in the US.
  16. Z

    Aqua's Scenario

    She's going to be in for quite a shock when she finds out how long she really has been in there.
  17. Z

    Thoughts about the BBS world travel method

    The Gummi Ships in KH2 were way better than KH1. I haven't played BBS yet as it hasn't been released in America yet. But traveling by the Keyblade sounds pretty cool. I cant wait to play it.
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    Soul Eater vs. Way To The Dawn

    Soul Eater. It was kind of lame how they changed Riku's weopon in the second one.
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    NO Final Mix

    BBS is basically a prequel to the series. But im not worried about a FM really. Ive never imported any of the FM's and I wouldn't if they made one for BBS.
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    Hello people of KHInsider. Im new. Yay.