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    Help/Support ► The LGBT Help and Support Thread (v3)

    That's what I did when I told my friend. I just sort of blurted it out.
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    Help/Support ► The LGBT Help and Support Thread (v3)

    Soo like Im gay and today i came out to one of my friends and he was okay with it i guess. I feel...... like somwhat good
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    [Insert snappy title pertaining to the battle here] King X

    So I wanna fight yu like real bad. You can choose location, get first post and other shit. This is a power battle and I might make it continuum but not set in stone. Will make a decision on whether or not it's continuum once I post my temp. I'll have it up by like the end of the day.
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    Help/Support ► Should i end it with my Girlfriend??

    Ugh maybe I should've worded my post way differently. First of all just because I suggested it does'nt mean I do it. I've never broken up with a girl when were not face to face. Anywayz like I said I only said that cause he said she was a cryer and blah blah blah. I should've worded it...
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    Help/Support ► Should i end it with my Girlfriend??

    Didn't you read the sentence right after that???? Or the sentence after the next sentence? I merely suggested that because he said that she was a huge cryer and he didn't want to see that >_>
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    Help/Support ► Should i end it with my Girlfriend??

    Umm shouldn't this go in the help and support?? Anywayz, if she cries and stuff just brake up by text or something. Make sure it's on Friday so that way she cools off a little. Or you could be a man and just brake up with her in person and take the crying.
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    Help/Support ► Any help with high school?

    Lyke, I can't really help you in this situation because my first day of high school isn't till next week. But, like I'll be sure to tell you my stories once I start. As for advice, just because you're short. Or you're lockers aren't near your classes doesn't mean its gonna suck. Like try to make...
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    Fallen Grace vs. Chim Chim

    Aright Dan, me and you. You challenged me so you better make it worth my while. I'll be using Raine from your rp but for the sake of people veiwing... Name: Raine Bellator Age: 16 Gender: female and a hot one at that. Appearance: Raine Raine's body is actually very mature for sher age. How...
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    Fanfiction ► Roxas. These eyes hold the truth.[minor spoilers.]

    Can't wait to read the part about his school life
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    Yo Tav, I think it's finally time to fight you. I wanna see how long it takes you to beat me. Use Daaku, Reforge whatever, just bring it. Im in a rush so I'll tell you the location and shit later. Dueces
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    A Grand KHI Dissidia like thingy??

    I dunno, I was eating breakfast when I just thought about this. So it'll be like a dissidia like thing only instead of the final fantasy games it would consist of like different rps that have been on KHI. I know this can be very flawed and might not work but whatever. If I was able to make this...
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    I'm Back!!

    I'm back it wasn't as long as I thought. Well... hopfully this will be the last time I leave for a while. All my peeps come and say hi.
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    Peace See you June 6

    Well due to some bad stuff and some snitching neighbors Im grounded for 3 months have to leave. Also Im moving to another country so I want to build up as much of a social status as I have where I currently live which will take a while. But I will be dropping by every now and then. So goodbye...
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    Help/Support ► Girls flirting with you?

    Re: GIRLS FLIRTING WITH JU? If you dont know when someones flirting then your gonna die alone.
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    Help/Support ► Too late for anything?

    Lol by the time Im 21 Ill be a millionare
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    Help/Support ► Too late for anything?

    Its never too late to do something. Sayimjg its too late is for losers. Gdt yo ass up and go bitch
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    Birth by Sleep Trailers

    Ya those are the only known similarities.
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    Help/Support ► Parents are separating

    It wont be much of a difference considering all you had to do is walk five minutes to see your dad. Think of it this way two christmas's. Thats the only good thing about any divorce.
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    Help/Support ► Parents are separating

    Why because your parents arent divorced? Just wondering
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    I dont think so but heartless are just darkness so ya