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    Help/Support ► normally i would never post here, ever.

    you will get over it your young theres so much more to do then to stay with one person!! think about it no more ball and chain! and this is comeing from a girll! me!! lol just be grateful for the things you have for your self while you can!!
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    What is your favorite drive form?

    wow :confused: every one for FINAL well i say master,,, yellow aint a big hit but combos are pretty awsome and of course magic! second would be final!!
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    Help/Support ► Drama, Drama, Drama.

    just tell your friend that thats your guys bizz and that not to worry.... and a txt means nothing... justs go on wit life:wink:
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    Which battle do you like? (KH2)

    Im IS the BattLe Vs. Sephiroth cuz its freakin hard especially if you do it in a low level and it challenges your skill level in KH2,, since its only sora its freakin AWSOME!! love that battle wish to play it again an again