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  1. Chaotic Dreams

    Jett & Zetsumi vs (any sized team)

    Now, it has been quite a while since either of us have been here, let alone battled seriously. But we still have what it takes... the question is, do you? So, Endgame and Chaotic Dreams verses a team of opponents, no matter what your skill level is. There are no other teams in this, but that...
  2. Chaotic Dreams

    [Order Rank Match] Challenge to ❖ĦλνØ₡❖

    Sitting in the middle of a huge room, a female figure with a unique dress style sat on a large, fine fur throne. Her torso was covered by a tight, black tube top over a crimson bikini top, crossed over the front of her neckline. Her left arm had a sleeve of woven dark leather, connected at the...
  3. Chaotic Dreams

    (Open) Fearless fighters usually die first...

    I'm looking to battle one or multiple opponents. If there ends up being more then one person replying to this, it becomes a free-for-all, no teams whatsoever. Once the battle has begun, no others can join. Location: A dimension of random twists and turns. The environment is constantly...
  4. Chaotic Dreams

    Offical Rank Match - Rank 2

    Ok, since someone is deciding to be lazy *coughMISANTHROPYcough* and not start this, I will myself. This will probably be my last battle for a while... or maybe not, if work decides to continually ignore me. EDIT: Come on!! I want you to use Zetsumi... Name: Jett Tero Age: Died at age 27...
  5. Chaotic Dreams

    Round Four - RANK 1 Battle: Jett vs Chariot of Fire

    Arena: Complete Solitude. A huge metal contaner, spanning over thousands of kilometers each way. There is nothing in this place at all, the metal being indestructible and unable to be controlled, shifted or modified. The air in this space is slightly denser, but never runs out. Condition: None...
  6. Chaotic Dreams


    Happens soon... totally. "Oh no, it's cool Grimmjow, I forgive you for sticking your hand through Rukia's chest and trying to kill me, everyone has bad days." "Oh cool Ichigo cos' I forgive you for kicking the shit outta me" "Let's join hands, smoke a peace pipe and start our own drum circle...
  7. Chaotic Dreams

    Drama is what you make it...

    Ok, this is a battle that will HOPEFULLY be finished this time between myself and Misanthropy. Pure out character vs character, no story behind it. Location: Simple open grassfield surrounded by mountains, large spire in the very centre. Rules: Blah, we know them all. Just fight me assweasel...
  8. Chaotic Dreams

    Picture beats Picture

    This is simple. Your pic must defeat my pic, with a reason given by you. Easy as. Use links to pictures. http://www.androids.us/wp-content/images/goku1.jpg
  9. Chaotic Dreams

    Something Different

    Ok, I know I'll probably be ridiculed for even posting here, but I just want some thoughts on a few things I slapped together. C&C extremely welcome. And this is an attempt at a gif tag... I already know how plain it is... Last Piece
  10. Chaotic Dreams

    Phone Support

    Hey, I've been using my Hiptop (Sidekick in America) to view and use the forums for the last few months, but the last couple of days, its says the site is down, and I can't access it unless I'm on an actual computer. Has something happened, or could it be a fault in my phone?
  11. Chaotic Dreams

    Life and Death

    Yes, many of you may not exactly know who I am, and quite frankly, I don't care. I am here for one reason... a battle that has needed to be fought for quite a while. The God of Life against The God of Death. Unaori vs Zetsumi. This will be a straight out fight to the death, and once someone...
  12. Chaotic Dreams

    Challenge to anyone.... and maybe everyone.

    Ok, I've finally finished my manifest.... and I want to test him out... Basic rules. Power Character. Post a template in your post, NO SAVED SPOTS!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name: Unaori o'Vita (Uh-na-or-ee Oh-vee-tah) Age: Eternal, looks about 17 Gender: Appears male, but...
  13. Chaotic Dreams

    Fanfiction ► Paranormal Investigations Division [NYPID 66-6]

    Nicely done once again man. And since I know everyone's power already, and who you've based them off, I can't wait to see how and when you introduce them. =D I love being his IRL friend.
  14. Chaotic Dreams

    +Ripple\ <-Effect-> /Graphics+ Clan Assignment #2

    Ok, this assignment is a test to see if we can make an artworm... But first, we have to see how well you can create a Large Piece. There is no theme, anything you want. You have two weeks from now, and I'll edit this post with a few tuts (if I can find any) on creating Large Pieces. Due...
  15. Chaotic Dreams

    Fanfiction ► Zero Limit

    Oh.... now everyone knows who I am... :( :P Oh well, next chapter! I'm really getting into this. Well done man.
  16. Chaotic Dreams

    Fanfiction ► Zero Limit

    Of course we do.... But shhh.... no-one is suppose to know who we are yet.
  17. Chaotic Dreams

    Fanfiction ► Zero Limit

    Next chapter, NEXT CHAPTER!!! ARG!
  18. Chaotic Dreams

    Fanfiction ► Zero Limit

    Free magic... I love it.... :} Bring on the pain.
  19. Chaotic Dreams

    ~Bleach: Ressurection of Nemesis (Jet_Fire & †AoІ Production)~

    WARNING: Continue reading if you have seen Bleach past the first arc, or if you want the plot to be spoilt for you.... It has always been said that the original is always the strongest and most powerful... Unfortunately, this is the same for the Hollows. The first hollow was rightfully called...