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    Riku and Oblvion?

    Um.....are you sure Oathkeeper wasn't the manifestation of Xion, and not Oblivion?
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    (SPOILERS) What happens to Xion after the final battle

    I thought it was a very sad scene. Roxas and Xion, closest of friends, and now he had to destroy her, and she fades away, soon to be forgotten by everyone. In my opinion, one of the saddest scenes in the Kingdom Hearts series, even though I never really cared for Xion that much... But Roxas'...
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    (MASSIVE SPOILERS!) When Xigbar sees Xion...

    That's true. I kinda thought that. Also, it has been confirmed that Braig will meet VAT in BBS, so my guess is that he did battle with Ven and, since Roxas has the same fighting style as Ven, Xigbar can "see" alittle Ven in him, but he can literally see Ven in Xion probally because she's just...
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    (MASSIVE SPOILERS!) When Xigbar sees Xion...

    Well, here's my opinion (it's probably wrong): At one point in the game, they mention Xion didn't actually have a face until later on. Then she took on Kairi's face and so on and so forth. Well, right before the mission that this scene happens, Xion is wearing her hood up. And that's the day...
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    Do you like the Panel System more than the regular way of getting stronger.

    The panels are MUCH better than COM's cards, because in COM, I'd sometimes only get down to one attack per reload. But overall, love the panels. It reminds me of the briefcase from Resident Evil 4.
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    Regarding World Re-Usage

    Yeah, that'd be cool! Imo, I'd like to see another original world, like Twilight Town to explore in 358/2 Days. But still, I'm happy with the game other than it's slight repetitiveness.
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    Gonna fight the Guardian, tips?

    Easy boss indeed. Just follow what they say and take out the Watchers. They're much harder than he is.
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    Who else has.....

    I'm so mad that I pre-ordered it and then realized I have to wait about an hour after school to even play it. Glad I'm having someone pick it up for me during school. ^^
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    Pronounciation: Xion?

    I think like "Zie-On" sounds right, since the x makes a "z" sound in the other Org XIII members I think the English pronouced it "She-On" or something crazy like that.
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    dark night theory

    accually, the first ARTIFICIAL Heartless didn't exist till them. the Pureblood heartless were around then, I think
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    Who here

    I've been replaying it for awhile. I keep wanting to refight Lexaeus and Vexen on Riku's story mode for some reason...
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    Kurt Zisa

    Kurt Zisa was WAY easier than the Phantom. it took my like 2 tries on KZ
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    FF characters in BBS

    if they did, it should be some of the Crisis Core cast. idk, what about Genesis as the opt. boss?
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    which organization fight was the hardest for you to beat

    I guess that could be true, but Im not sure....... and I finally beat Sephiroth yesterday
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    Voice acting for Re: CoM

    nope, still no idea. it's been a year or so since I've played it.... lol, an orgy outa Larxene? wow
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    Voice acting for Re: CoM

    lol, nice. I never got too far so idk who Nero is in DoC, but Eiding is very good
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    Voice acting for Re: CoM

    yeah............... but Paul Edding for Vexen for sure! I hope SE duz it!
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    Voice acting for Re: CoM

    lol, nice. but yeah, I want it to hurry faster. I just want the characters to sound good. and if it's the same guy who does Hojo in Crisis Core, then that'll work
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    which organization fight was the hardest for you to beat

    I WILL SPAM IT when i fight him!
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    which organization fight was the hardest for you to beat

    hes a bit of a challenge. and Im working on getting the Ultimate Weapon for Seph.